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Guild Wars 2 news » Resplendent Avialan Mount Skin and Elonian Landscape Dye Kit

Resplendent Avialan

Resplendent Avialan Mount Skin

This premium mount skin will entirely change your raptor’s appearance into that of a beautiful exotic bird. The Resplendent Avialan has unique sound effects and glittering, dyeable particle effects.

Elonian Landscape Dye Kit

Elonian Landscape Dye Kit

You’ll receive one dye from a pool of 25 desert-themed colors, including six exclusive new colors: Sandstorm, Oasis, Highlands, Ruin, Sulfur, and Mesa.

Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey

Returning Items

The permanent Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey is available again! Keep an eye on the store for returning outfits later this week.

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