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League of Legends news » Pyke available now!

He comes to rip. He comes to drown.

Nowhere to run you can’t be found.

Beware the Ripper—Pyke is available now.


Sand Wraith Pyke Bundle | 1837 RP

Available now until June 8th at 08:00 BST, this bundle includes:

  • Pyke
  • Sand Wraith Pyke


Embody the hues of the shifting sands with the Sand Wraith Pyke Chroma Bundle for 3062 RP from now through June 8th at 08:00 BST (available for 3550 RP after that).

Bundle includes:

  • Pyke (50% off)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke
  • All chromas (175 RP each)

Individual chromas also available for 290 RP each:

  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Catseye)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Obsidian)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Sapphire)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Tanzanite)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Rose Quartz)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Turquoise)
  • Sand Wraith Pyke (Pearl)


Return to Butcher’s Bridge with a special Bilgewater-themed ARAM—the Curse of the Drowned event is now live. Limited time missions, capsules, skins, and more are ready for you to plunder.


Learn more about Pyke, his gameplay, and his backstory:

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