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Starcraft 2 news » 3.17 Preview: New Premium Skins

With the recent release of the War Chest, we've seen a massive surge in discussions around skins and we're excited to be bringing you three more — the fearsome ‘Noxious Hydralisk’, the high-tech ‘Commando Siege Tank’, and the jewel-encrusted ‘Shakuras Warp Prism.’

Each of these premium skins will be available for 2.49 €. In addition, we will also be adding the Ultimate Skin Bundle for 25.39 € (a 15% discount), which you can purchase to secure all 12 premium skins we have released thus far, including these newest three.

As you may be familiar with, our bundles are dynamic, so if you own any of the skins already, the final cost will be automatically adjusted. This bundle will be available under the Collection tab with the release of Patch 3.17! Let us know what you think of them!

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