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Starcraft 2 news » StarCraft II 4.2.1 Patch Notes

The StarCraft franchise is turning 20-years-old and we’re celebrating all month long! You’ll find in-game rewards across all Blizzard games as well as on Twitch. There will be many rewards for those that stream and watch StarCraft, as well as hosting special online events. Check out and our blog about the Twitch rewards (coming soon) for more information.


  • (There is currently an issue with these rewards that we are working to resolve) New rewards can be earned by logging in during the StarCraft 20th Anniversary celebration:
    • StarCraft Remastered console skins for Terran, Protoss and Zerg.
    • 20th Anniversary portrait, spray and decals.
  • A new console skin is available to all races and can be earned by watching the 20th Anniversary Twitch Stream with your linked Twitch and Blizzard accounts.
  • New rewards can be earned by watching StarCraft II or StarCraft Remastered with your linked Twitch and Blizzard accounts.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that caused a player to lose connection to when launching the game.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Legionnaires to only attack once per attack. They should now attack twice per attack.
  • Fixed a bug where Energizers cost resources to change between modes.
  • Karax's Unit Cost Reduction Mastery now correctly displays the unit cost reduction.
  • Fixed a bug where the Orbital Command was below the Command Center in unit selection priority for Raynor.
  • Fixed a bug where Warpgates were below Gateways in unit selection priority for all Protoss Commanders (Artanis, Vorazun, Karax, Alarak, Fenix)
  • Fixed a bug where Warp Robotics were below Robotics Facilities in unit selection priority for Artanis.
  • Fixed a bug where Warp Stargates were below Stargates in unit selection priority for Artanis.
  • Fixed a bug where Kerrigan's ground armor and air armor upgrades did not interact correctly with her Expeditious Evolution Mastery.
  • Fixed a bug where Artanis' Tempests were not receiving enough damage with their attack upgrades.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Karax's Carriers to cost too much gas.


  • You will no longer be prompted to login every time a user hits "Test Document".
  • Raven, Observer, and Overseers will no longer see through painted “Block Vision” areas.


  • Blackpink LE: Fixed an issue that prevented larger units from attacking smaller units inside of line-of-sight blockers.


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect art was being displayed for Rogue’s portrait.
  • Map previews will no longer display start locations text and numbers.
  • Adjust the placement of the unit models in the Help menu.


  • Burrowed Lurkers and Swarm Hosts will no longer lose movement commands when paired with unburrowed units.
  • A Thor’s size will now longer vary based on the skin being used.
  • Fixed an issue with the Judicator Pylon skin where the incorrect preplacement model was displayed.
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