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TERA news » Join The August Level-Up Event!

Join The August Level-Up Event!

The Valkyon Federation needs you—to keep leveling up!

Starting Thursday, August 3 at 10 a.m. PDT through Tuesday, September 5 at 10 a.m. PDT, TERA wants you to level up. Whether a new character or a long-forgotten alt, there will never be a better time to get to level 65!

Vanguard quests from level 13 to 64 will award two bonus Goldfinger tokens!

You’ll also receive double XP from killing monsters for the duration of the event.

In addition, leveling up will bring lots of rewards for your character.

At level 10, players will receive:

  • A 7-day Ember mount

At level 20, players will receive:

  • A 1-Day Elite Status Voucher
  • Various PvE crystals suitable for your class

At level 30, players will receive:

  • Sapphire ×4
  • Tier 2 Feedstock ×50
  • Tier 2 Alkahest ×50
  • Strong Bravery Potion ×2

At level 38, players will receive:

  • Valkyon Health Potion ×4
  • Fashion Coupon ×500

At level 44, players will receive:

  • Sapphire ×3
  • Fashion Coupon ×500
  • Various PvE crystals suitable for your class

At level 55, players will receive:

  • Emerald ×2
  • Various PvE crystals suitable for your class

At level 60, players will receive:

  • Emerald ×2
  • Fashion Coupon ×500
  • A 7-Day Disco Ball
  • Veteran Complete Crystalbind ×2

At level 65, players will receive:

  • Alpha Reset Scroll ×3 and Beta Reset Scroll ×3
  • Circlet Fragments ×30
  • A Sturdy Parthian Brooch
  • A +12 Enchantment Scroll
  • A Veteran's Cape
  • Flying Skill: Zephyr

Characters already partway to 65 will earn rewards for each tier they reach, but won’t receive any rewards they already leveled past. Players who use a Level 60 Scroll will receive only the rewards for level 60 (and 65 when they reach it).

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