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TERA news » Win Big with TERA’s End of Summer Sale!

Win Big with TERA’s End of Summer Sale!

It’s the end of the summer for TERA and we’re going to close out August with a sale on some of our greatest hits. And as an added bonus, two of the loot boxes on sale award Hit Parade tokens, which you can exchange for even cooler stuff!

Starting at 10 a.m. PDT on Thursday, August 24, and continuing through 10 a.m. PDT Wednesday, September 6, you can stop by the TERA store and pick up a variety of loot boxes and smart boxes, including the new Party Hearty smart box and Party Down loot box, and the Elder Dragon loot box bundle.

The Party Hearty smart box lets you get dressed up for your night out for just 995 EMP! This box contains an embroidered suit or a red chiffon dress for your race.

If you need a little more color, pick up the Party Down Loot Box for only 150 EMP. This box has a chance to pick up a dyeable embroidered suit or chiffon dress.

The Elder Dragon Loot Box bundle gives you nine shots at a flying dragon at a discounted price. It also now includes a Hit Parade Loot Box.

The Party Down loot box and the Elder Dragon loot box bundle each award a random amount of Hit Parade tokens, which you can collect and redeem for your choice of sweet costumes and accessories. Party Down Loot Boxes drop up to 10 tokens but the Hit Parade loot box (included in the Elder Dragon loot box bundle) drops up to 100! You can't get more Hit Parade tokens after September 6, but they'll be still be usable.

Exchange your Hit Parade tokens for:

  • Royal Ghost Dragon
  • Felicity
  • Elin Kitty-Cat Club Costume
  • Fiery Feathers
  • Golden Glider
  • Rainbow Cloud
  • Studio Style Smart Box
  • Splendid Dojo Box
  • Kitty-Cat Whiskers
  • Semi-Enigmatic Scroll

But this event is more than just Hit Parade tokens:

We also brought back the 2017 swimwear collection to give people one last chance to look fabulous before autumn’s chill makes days at the beach impractical. The swimwear lootboxes do not award Hit Parade tokens.

  • Lifeguard Smart Box—1,295 EMP
  • Tan-Tastic Smart Box—1,295 EMP
  • Deep Dive Loot Box—150 EMP
  • All Wrapped Up Loot Box—195 EMP
  • Bronze Look Loot Box—150 EMP

Remember, the sale ends on Wednesday, September 6, so be sure to get the most out of TERA’s end of summer event, before summer really is over!

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