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TERA news » TERA's December Update Is Here!

Broken Prison Is Back in TERAs latest update

TERA’s latest update goes live today, just in time for the holidays!

The December update includes the return of the Broken Prison dungeon, as well as numerous changes to Federation Bill Store, Fashion Coupons, and crystalbinds:

  • We added the Starglow Costume and Weapon Skin loot boxes and Volcanic Weapon loot boxes to the Federation Bill shop.
  • We've moved most items from the Federation Bill Store into the Fantastic Fashions Shop under the "Exclusives" tab.
  • Federation Bills can be exchanged for Fashion Tokens at a 1:1 rate in the Federation Bill Store.
  • We have redistributed several items in the Fashion shop from the "Weapons" tab to other tabs.
  • Due to player requests, we changed how we deliver Crystalbinds to Elite Status players’ accounts. Instead of adding a continuous Crystalbind buff, we're providing 12-hour Complete Veteran Crystalbinds.

For more information on the update, check out our December patch notes.

--We'll see you in-game!

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