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TERA news » Golden Gift Boxes Are Available Again in TERA!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once more: Golden Gift Boxes are here!

Golden Gift Boxes are a great way to get something nice for your gaming friends…and then get some rewards for yourself in return.

From Thursday, December 19, until Thursday, January 2, at 10 a.m. PST, you can visit our Golden Gift Box Store to shop for yourself and all your friends, then head on over to the Gifting Center to get started!

Here’s How It Works:

  • First, buy a gift box (or several) in the Gifting Center.
  • Then, either open the box yourself, choosing from four greeting cards to reveal your prize (you’ll also get a peek at what you could have won),
  • or
  • Send one or more boxes to friends using the Gifting Center, where you can search for your friends by email or character name.

If you choose to send a Golden Gift Box to another player, you get a joyous prize—and the more you send to other players, the more of these great prizes you’ll accumulate:

  • 1 Gift Sent: Santa Suit and Santa Cap—If you’re going to play Santa Claus, you should look the part!
  • 5 Gifts Sent: Friendly Festive Footsteps, Festive Forest Antlers, and Happy Holiday Horns—Dance, prance, strut, and toot your own horn this holiday season!
  • 10 Gifts Sent: Many-Colored Fleece Box, Sheepish Mask of Many Colors, and Rainbow Wings—Winter blues got you down? Add a whole rainbow of colors and brighten up your entire look…and outlook!
  • 15 Gifts Sent: Rainbow Koi School flying mount and Frosty Festive Footsteps—Keep your head in the clouds, but your feet on the ground
  • 20 Gifts Sent: Elite Status (366-day) and the Tree of Lights (Permanent)—Send 20 gifts and you get elite status for a year, plus a festive holiday light display you can use anytime!

Did you end up with a lot of gift boxes? You can open any Golden Gift Boxes still in your inventory up until Thursday, January 9 at 10 a.m. PST. Shortly after that, any Golden Gift Boxes you have left will be converted into a Santa Suit and Cap (just like the 1-gift reward) and delivered later.

Remember: The cutoff date for purchasing gift boxes is Wednesday, January 1 and the cutoff date for opening them is Thursday, January 9. Start shopping now, and don’t wait too long to open your own gifts!


You can summon a Glimmering Ice Dragon, a permanent mythical mount with a Flight Speed of 320—the fastest in the game—and Movement Speed of 290 that restores 2% of your max HP and MP every second. And once you finish the main Exodor story line, the Glacial Dragon grants you a passive skill that gives you the ability to fly in Exodor!

Each Golden Gift Box you open contains one of these items!

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