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Guild Wars 2 news » Weekly Strike Rewards

Tomorrow’s “Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire” update introduces the Eye of the North as an upgradeable hub for you and your allies. One of the sweet perks it comes with is a portal for easy access to all Strike Missions from the relative comfort of your very own historic ruin.

Each week, one of the three major Orders that make up the Pact will send an emissary to the Eye of the North with a chest for you. Complete the daily Priority Strike found in the Daily section of the Achievements tab to earn a Prophet Crystal that can be used to open the chest once per week. The chest resets at the same time weekly raid rewards reset.

The color of the Prophet Crystals you earn from Priority Strikes corresponds to the Order offering the Emissary Chest that week. Blue crystals are used to open the Vigil’s chest, red crystals for the Order of Whispers, and green for the Durmand Priory.

Near the chest you’ll find hums of energy from available Strike Missions, which transform into echoes once you’ve been victorious in the associated missions. The Emissary Chest contains echoes of the rewards found in each Strike Mission you’ve completed since the last time you opened an Emissary Chest.

The first chest available at release will contain the potential for echoes from the following missions:

  • Shiverpeaks Pass Strike Mission
  • Raven Sanctum Strike Mission
  • Whisper of Jormag Strike Mission

In addition, you can get echoes of rewards from the new Forging Steel Public Mission if you complete it before opening the chest.

The Emissary Chest will open if you possess one crystal—but more crystals produce stronger echoes. Opening it with three crystals is equivalent to earning two bonus chests in a Strike Mission. Opening it with two crystals is equivalent to earning one bonus chest, and one crystal is equivalent to earning the basic mission rewards. All Strike Missions also award Prophet Shards you can use to purchase whole crystals and other rewards.

Echo rewards are delivered to you in a container so you can preview all the possible results and their rarities.

The goal of the Emissary Chest system is to collect all the Strike Mission rewards in a unified system while giving you a bonus chance at all that loot once a week. You can choose to get all the rewards for a rotation in a single day or space out your playtime over the course of a week. And if you’re not interested in the echo rewards found in a rotation, you can save up currency for other rewards or take a break.

If you have extra crystals on your hands, ask around in the Eye of the North—you may find someone else on the lookout for them.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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