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Guild Wars 2 news » The Envelope Please: Announcing the Winners of the Moment to Moment Screenshot Contest

Shortly before our third and final Beta Weekend Event, we invited you all to enter the Moment to Moment screenshot contest. The response was overwhelming: we had well over 8,000 entries from players eager to show off their adventures in Guild Wars 2.

We asked you to vote for your favorites in both the action and landscape categories, then the ArenaNet Community Team gathered to choose winners from the entries with the most votes. There were so many great entries it was hard to choose, but eventually we narrowed it down to the final 12. Those 12 winners will each receive a SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 prize package containing a GW2 gaming mouse, headset, and mouse pad.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to each of you who entered. Without further ado, here are the winners of the contest!

Landscape Category

Our first winner in the landscape category is Steve from the United States, with a long-range view of part of the sylvari lands:

Belgian GW2 fan Elise treats us to a nighttime view of Tyria and her sylvari character:

Pauline, playing from France, risks some precarious footing for a bird’s-eye view of part of Lion’s Arch:

Frank, also from France, took a moment to rest up and enjoy the sights of Rata Sum:

France was very well-represented in the landscape category of our contest. French-player Damien’s asuran character takes a moment to gauge the distance before he attempts that first leap:

Rounding out the landscape category, Thomas from Austria stumbled across this hidden gem in the charr lands and decided to share it with us:

Action Category

“Downed but not defeated.” American-player Dylan takes advantage of the second chance in Guild Wars 2 combat, fighting for his life:

Alexander entered our contest from the UK and secured a winning spot with this shot of his charr preparing to rain fire down on his enemies:

“Now you see me, soon you won’t.” Back in the United States, Matthew’s thief prepares to do a disappearing act:

Tristan, also from the United States, shares this image of his charr warband preparing for battle:

American-player Nick gives us a look at the wrong end of an engineer’s rifle:

Finally, Ryan from America wraps us up on an explosive note, as his asuran character fearlessly takes on a fire elemental:

Thanks to each of you who entered; we truly enjoyed seeing Tyria through your eyes. Congratulations to our winners, and we’ll see you all at launch!

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