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Guild Wars 2 news » Regular Season of the First ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season Conclu...

Week seven of Pro League airs today (Monday, January 25) on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. The European Pro League broadcast begins at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) and is followed by North America at 5:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8).

Event Preview

While teams such as the Abjured, Vermillion, and Rank Fifty Five Dragons have already secured their spot in the Season One Finals event in Leicester, UK, on February 20, some teams’ fates are considerably less certain, and today’s matches may be the most important of the entire season.

In Europe, some of the best matches of the season have been saved for last. We’ll see undefeated teams Vermillion and Rank Fifty Five Dragons collide, each vying to earn the number one seed in the Season One Finals. Fan favorites Orange Logo and the Civilized Gentlemen will clash in one of the most anticipated grudge matches of the season. The stakes are high for Orange Logo, as a loss against TCG will force Orange Logo into relegation—potentially losing their spot in the Pro League for Season 2.

Over in North America, the battle for second place and entrance to the Season One Finals continues, with both Team PZ and Team Spoookie currently tied for second in total league points. Both teams are projected to win their week seven matchups, which means the tie-breaker mechanic of rounds difference (total rounds won/lost) will come into play, likely making Team PZ the second place team for Season One.

Attend the Season Finals!

The ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season One Finals will take place at ESL Studios in Leicester, UK, on February 20. Event entry will be ticketed and will be open to any interested fans. If you’re interested in attending the Season One Finals, hanging out with like-minded Guild Wars fans, chatting up some ArenaNet staff, securing swag, and possibly even enjoying an adult beverage or two (assuming you’re eligible), make sure to keep an eye on the official Guild Wars 2 website for updates over the next few weeks!

ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League Week Seven Matchups—EU
Match #1 The Civilized Gentlemen (4–2) vs. Orange Logo (2–4)
Match #2 More Guns Than Roses (2–4) vs. Chaotic Contingency (1–5)
Match #3 Rank Fifty Five Dragons (6–0) vs. Vermillion (6–0)
Match #4 Car Crashed (3–3) vs. Purple Noise (0–6)
Broadcast English:
Showtime: 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8)
Map Rotation: Battle of Kyhlo, Temple of the Silent Storm, Forest of Niflhel
ESL Guild Wars 2 Pro League Week Seven Matchups—NA
Match #1 Team PZ (4–2) vs. Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy (2–4)
Match #2 Zero Counterplay (0–6) vs. Team Spoookie (4–2)
Match #3 Final Form (2–4) vs. Apex Prime (3–3)
Match #4 Never Lucky (3–3) vs. The Abjured (6–0)
Broadcast English:
Showtime: 5:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-8)
Map Rotation: Battle of Kyhlo, Temple of the Silent Storm, Forest of Niflhel
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