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Heroes of the Storm news » Love Doctor Morales, Reporting for Duty!

Be the perfect match for your lane partner by scheduling an appointment with the Doctor —the Love Doctor, that is! Preview our Love Doctor Morales skin below, and then pick up the new bundle in-game to prescribe your teammates with reinforced hearts and an extra dose of affection on the battlefield this Valentine’s Day. What’s more, the Love Bug Anub’arak Bundle is returning this year, but each of these bundles will only be available until March 1, so make a move before love passes you by!

New Skins

  • Love Doctor Morales Skin

New Bundle

  • Love Doctor Morales Bundle
    • Lt. Morales
    • Love Doctor Morales Skin

Returning Bundle

  • Love is in the Air Bundle
    • Anub'arak
    • Love Bug Anub'arak Skin


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  • Watch live on [DATE]


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