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Heroes of the Storm news » Heroes of the Storm 2016 Spring Global Championship

Hundreds of Heroes of the Storm teams gave their all in the Spring qualifiers with the hopes of representing their region in the Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship, but only 12 will remain. Offering a $500,000 prize pool, and the opportunity to be written into the Heroes of the Storm history books, the first of three global championships in 2016 is an event you won’t want to miss.

The ongoing regional finals events are swiftly determining the best teams from each region, with 8 of the 12 available spots already locked in for the championship event. We invite you to follow the stream to see which team will emerge as the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Spring Champions.

Event Details

The tournament will take place in three parts, with each part feeding directly into the next section.

  • Part 1: Double Elimination Group Stage One – 8 teams battle it out in two groups of 4, with 4 teams advancing to Group Stage Two.
  • Part 2: Double Elimination Group Stage Two – 4 winning teams from Group Stage One challenge the 4 teams who placed highest in the China, Korea, Europe, and North America regions. 4 teams advance to the Single Elimination Playoff Bracket.
  • Part 3: Single Elimination Playoff Bracket - 4 teams play off to find out who will become the first 2016 Global Champion.

All matches leading up to the grand final will be best-of-three, and the top two teams will face off in a best-of-five Grand Final.

Prize Pool

1st - $150,000

2nd - $75,000

3rd-4th - $50,000

5th-6th - $37,500

7th-8th - $25,000

9th-12th - $12,500

Groups and Matches

First Group Stage

Group A Group B
China Seed 2 - EDward Gaming Korea Seed 2 - TBD: Super League, March 20
North America Seed 2 - Team Naventic Europe Seed 2 - mYinsanity
Southeast Asia - Renovatio I Taiwan - TBD: Taiwan Spring Regional, March 13
Australia/New Zealand - Negative Synergy Latin America - TBD: Copa America, March 19


  • Match 1 – China vs Australia/New Zealand
  • Match 2 – North America vs Southeast Asia
  • Match 3 – Korea vs Latin America
  • Match 4 – Europe vs Taiwan

Second Group Stage

Group A Group B
China Seed 1 - eStar Gaming Korea Seed 1- TBD: Super League, March 20
North America Seed 1 - Cloud9 Europe Seed 1 - Team Dignitas
Random First Group Stage Winning Team Random First Group Stage Winning Team
Random First Group Stage Winning Team Random First Group Stage Winning Team

Second Group Stage Matches will be determined at the end of Day 1.

Where to Watch

Catch all the action live beginning at 4:00 am CET on April 2-3, and watch the semifinals and grand final live at 5:00 am CET on April 4. Due to the sheer number of games needing to be played, the action will be split across two stages, both of which will be broadcast live on the following Twitch channels:

Check back for information on additional language streams.

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