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RIFT news » RIFT Lorestream: Feb 2, 11:00 AM PT!

All aboard the Atrophinius lore train!

We’re a bit late getting the stream sorted out this week, as everyone is working on projects for Live and Prime… but hey, I caught me a Captain Cursor, A.K.A. Atrophinius, and he’d LOVE to talk more lore tomorrow, if only to get out of his other pressing deadlines!

Atrophinius is commandeering the livestream on PTS SERVER. Zones: Silverwood (Freemarch as a backup). Mayhem will ensue!

Post your pressing Lore questions here (lore ONLY – Brasse and Atrophinius know nothing of engineering, think bugs are due to living too close to swampy areas and cannot balance their own checkbooks, never mind classes… but RP and lore? HECK YES!

RIFT LoreStream
Friday, February 2, 11:30 AM PDT
Be there!

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