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RIFT news » $99/yr Patron Sale Ends Feb 28!

RIFT Patron: $99/yr. This incredible offer ends on February 28th!  Don’t miss out, especially with RIFT Prime coming soon!

An entire year of RIFT Patron status for $99.99 – you just can’t beat that!

The Dev team has confirmed that one Patron subscription covers both RIFT Live and RIFT Prime services! This adds even more value to the best offer going… available on the RIFT in-game store or on the RIFT web store… but only until February 28th!

As a Patron of RIFT, you support ongoing development and support of the game we all love, and reap a long list of benefits. Don’t traverse Telara without it! Check out the features below:

Affinity Login Rewards

  • gather points daily and save up for your choice of epic rewards!

In game currency bonuses!

  • 10% RIFT Store discount on purchases made with credits
  • 15% more in-game gold
  • 40% boost to special currencies such as Craftsman’s Marks, Crusader’s Marks and Fragments of Madness!
  • Loyalty toward veteran rewards the longer you subscribe

More Loot and Content!

  • Daily Patron reward
  • A free current Supply Crate every week
  • Artifact Tracking vial
  • +10 Daily Quests
  • Weekly bonus charges for warfronts and dungeons

Boosts and Power-ups!

  • 40% Bonus XP
  • 40% boost to reputation gains
  • 40% boost to PvP XP and currency
  • 5% bonus XP on Minion Adventures (RIFT Live only)

Convenience Perks!

  • Patron Fast Pass – teleport once every 30 minutes without a porticulum
  • Patron Summons – access your bank, guild bank and trainer anywhere
  • Mount boost – 10% mount speed, 25% faster mounting, -5% dismount risk
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