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RIFT news » Your Heart’s Desire: Bonus Week!

Your Heart’s Desires!

Some of you love to play RIFT with a special someone, some of you love to solo, some of you love to rock it out in massive raids. We celebrate all heart’s desires equally this week in RIFT!

It’s Valentine’s week and we’re offering celebratory bonuses for all, from February 12, 8:15 AM Pacific to February 18th, 11:59 PM Pacific!

Enjoy a heartwarming 50% bonus to all of the following:

  • Adventure Experience
  • Planar Attunement Experience
  • Guild Experience
  • Prestige
  • Favor


Want to explore a new soul this week? Great timing! We’re offering 50% off of the Ascended Essentials Pack!
It is available on the RIFT web store, and contains ALL of the following:

  • Primalist Calling and Souls (included the final 4 souls FREE when 4.2 launches!)
  • Storm Legion Souls
  • Nightmare Tide Souls (Dream Souls)
  • Ascended Souls
  • 6 character slots per server
  • Bag slots 4 & 5 (if you don’t already have those unlocked)


We’re also offering previous Valentine’s themed mounts for direct purchase through the RIFT store! Previously available only in Supply Crates, these prestigious mounts will unlock for every character on your account! Better yet, gift one to a loved one in game.

  • Lovely Budgie
  • Love Buggy
  • Lovely Levitation
  • Golden Love Buggy

Share a little love this week!

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