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RIFT news » WINNERS: Prime: Vigil Month 1 Challenge

Just in case you missed the livestream last Friday, here are the WINNERS of the RIFT: Prime Month 1 Challenge!

Congratulations to the wild and crazy folks who accomplished goals last month that a Dwarf like me can only dream of, while dozing off with ale in one hand and a bowl of chips in the other. Your kudos are well deserved… hope you’re getting some sleep now! ~Brasse



Complete: Iron Tomb, Realm of the Fae, Deepstrike Mines, Darkening Deeps, Foul Cascade & King’s Breach (Normal)

First Completion: 03/10/18, 3:41:29 AM PDT







TOTAL COMPLETED: 2,556. 5 random winners drawn from all completed:








Complete: 25 Artifact Sets

First Completion: 03/10/18, 10:04:50 AM PDT





TOTAL COMPLETED: 1771. 3 random winners drawn from all completed:






Complete: Level up one of RIFT’s original crafting skills to 300

First Completion: 03/10/18, 3:52:53 AM PDT





TOTAL COMPLETED: 831. 3 random winners drawn from all completed:






Complete: Level up one original RIFT gathering skill to 300

First Completion: 03/10/18, 3:29:39 AM PDT

►Stoli (Mining)

►Tinsanetium (Foraging)

►Futaba (Foraging)


TOTAL COMPLETED: 451. 3 random winners drawn from all completed:

►Cpark (Mining)

►Gordius (Butchering)

►Lostinyou (Mining)


The Month 2 Prime Challenge is already underway, but there’s plenty of time to catch up, at the very least for the prizes drawn from the list of ALL who completed the challenges during the relevant time-frame!

Don’t just sit there, RIFT ON!

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