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RIFT news » Continent of Dusken – LIVE Reveals Nov. 6 & Nov. 9

Death-touched Dusken stands ready to test and reward Ascended who can stomach its grim terrain. Get an undead’s eye view of the new continent in two live stream reveals this week:

Dungeons live stream: Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC
Preview the dark challenges of the Archive of Flesh, Unhallowed Boneforge, and Tower of the Shattered 5-player instances. Glimpse the toil of an Elder Shaper hard at work on a new body, the macabre creations in a museum of horrors, and a “repurposing” factory churning out new thralls for the Legion.

Zones live stream: Friday, Nov. 9 at 2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC
Descend from the safe haven of Pelladane into Seratos and Morban’s forests of flesh and valleys of bone. Learn about the Shapers who control access to key Legion resources and meet the monstrosities who do their bidding.

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