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RIFT news » Mount & Aquatic Token Sale 5/14 – 5/17

Mount & Aquatic Token Sale 5/14 - 5/17

Our great premium mount and aquatic token sale runs from 5/14 – 5/17. You may even see a rare mount on sale!

Now you can afford to fill your stable at last, with 25% off all premium mounts and Aquatic Tokens on the Rift in-game store. There has never been a better time to invest in that Kirin you’ve been longing for

During this sale, Archonix will also add select rare mounts to the list, as mini flash sales. These rares were previously only available through lockboxes!

Which rares will be offered? You’ll have to log in and check the marketplace! When will they be on sale? You’ll have to log in to check that too!

Log into Rift now and get the affordable mount of your dreams!

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