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TERA news » Ice Dragons Are Ready to Soar above Exodor!

Players can now purchase Glimmering Ice Dragons from the TERA Store!

Glacial Dragons and Glimmering Ice Dragons have arrived in the TERA Store! These fantastic mounts have TERA’s fastest Flight Speed yet and restore 1 (Glacial) or 2% (Glimmering) of your maximum HP and MP every second you’re riding them—as well as giving you a chance to increase your Crit Power against monsters. And on top of that, these are currently the only mounts that let you fly in Exodor (after you complete the Exodor storyline)!

Ready to mount up? Head to the TERA Store and pick up an Exodor Dragonflight Loot Box. Love the look, but don’t need to fly in Exodor? Skip the unboxing and purchase Frostwing—the ice drake version, with a Flight Speed of 310, and the ability to restore 1% of your maximum HP and MP.

All of these fantastic new mounts are in the store right now, so pick yours up today!

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