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TERA news » Let Your Love Show for Valentine’s Day!

We’ve got some great ways to bring some warm, fuzzy love to TERA: new pets, new costumes, matching pets and costumes! All this, plus discounts on a plethora of pink and playful items for Valentine’s Day.

New Plush Animal Costumes

It may be the Year of the Rat, but, our newest rodent costume is more cuddly and fuzzy than a plain old rat. Get the Cuddly Cavy smart box (containing a Cuddly Cavy costume plus a Cuddly Cavy Head) in the TERA Store.

Are you more of a growler than a squeaker? Get the Black Bear smart box (containing a Black Bear costume plus a Black Bear Head) in the TERA Store.

But act fast—these smart boxes are only available through maintenance on Tuesday, February 18.

New Plush-like Pets

Five new furry pets offer auto-fish and auto-care abilities: Gentleman Bear, Purrfect Kitty, Fancy Panda, Resplendent Rabbit, or Regal Raccoon—all available from the Fishin’ Pet Loot Box, waiting for you right now in the TERA Store.

Matching Costumes

Once you’ve obtained the perfect fishing companion from the Fishin’ Pet Loot Box, you’ll want to show how much you love ‘em with matching costumes! So we’ve put these costume bundles on sale for 25 percent off. But hurry, they leave the store on Monday, February 17.

Got a Gentleman Bear pet? Get the Popo Bear Bundle (containing the Chubby Bear costume and head) to match!

Prefer the Purrfect Kitty pet? Get a Popo Kitty Bundle (containing the Cuddly Kitty costume and head) to match.

Fancy the Fancy Panda pet? Buy the Popo Panda Bundle (containing the Perky Panda costume and head) to match its fanciness.

Rarin’ for a Resplendent Rabbit pet? Grab a Popo Bunny Bundle (containing the Bouncy Bunny costume and head)!

Got a really rockin’ Regal Raccon pet? Complement that with a Popo Rascal Bundle (containing the Rascally Raccoon costume and head).

Plus we’ve got tons of other 25-percent discounts this Valentine’s week for you to love:

Flying Mounts:

  • Flopsy (flying bunny)
  • Mopsy (flying bunny)
  • Cherry Airwolf Loot Box (cherry blossom flying wolf)


  • Maid to Work Bundle
  • True Ultimate Elin Elite Box
  • Black Box (elin Black Cat Club loot box)
  • Kitty Box (elin Kitty Cat Club loot box)
  • Suitable Groom Loot Box
  • Hope Chest Loot Box


  • Pink Sun Visor
  • Spun Sugar Wings
  • Veteran’s Cape
  • Hero’s Cape Box


  • Cutie Footsteps Loot Box
  • Pink Plate Footsteps Loot Box
  • Sakura Footsteps Loot Box


  • Pocket Popo Party Pack (containing two cuddly pets with pocket storage)

Weapon Skin:

  • Chromaplasm Weapon Skin Loot Box

These discounts are only for one week, and the animal costumes will be leaving the store after the sale—so hurry and get your pretty pink or plush favorites now!

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