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TERA news » Get Ready! Get Set! Get an Apex Dragonette!

The Dragonette Derby starts Tuesday, February 18, and with the right mix of patience, persistence, and just plain luck, you can take home the derby’s ultimate prize: an Apex Dragonette!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login daily and receive an [Event] Attendance Reward containing two Mysterious Orbs and 1 Apex Dragonette Fragment.
    Collect 19 Apex Dragonette Fragments to create an Apex Dragonette Ticket, which you can then exchange for a rare Apex Dragonette pet of your choice!
  2. Clear dungeons to earn more Mysterious Orbs—then trade any and all of your Mysterious Orbs to Bibiron or Babaron (in Velika and Highwatch) for other rewards.
    If you trade in 400 Mysterious Orbs, you can get an Apex Dragonette (Rare) pet of your choice!
  3. You can also trade in Mysterious Orbs for [Event] Shark Bait Boxes, which is where the derby really gets down and dirty. You’ll need Shark Bait when shark-fishing at the Muricai Fishery.
  4. You can catch three different kinds of sharks during the derby: Shark That Ate a Box, Shark That Ate a Silver Box, and Shark That Ate a Golden Box. Inside, you’ll find—you guessed it—boxes!
  5. Dismantle an Ordinary Box, Silver Box,or Golden Box for a variety of prizes, including useful consumables, Pet: Apex Dragonette Tickets, or best of all, Pet: Apex Dragonette (Rare) Tickets!

But wait, how do I fish on TERA PC? Check out our support article for a refresher.

Remember, the Dragonette Derby starts on Tuesday, February 18, and it continues until Tuesday, March 10—so you don’t have a lot of time to sit around cutting bait!

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