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Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft guides » Black Montain Heroic Guide - Grim Guzzler 1 [Mage]

Starting Hand
Mirror Image its a priority
Frost Nova > Cone of Cold > Arcane Explosion
Boss power = Kel'Thuzad = perfect
Turn 1 = Mirror Image
Turn 2 = Snowchugger or Sorcerer's Apprentice or Ice Lance
Turn 3 = Use frost spells like Frost Nova to win time. No Frost, use taunts Annoy-o-Tron
Turn 4 = Use frost spells or minions to win time, if not, use taunts
Turn 5 = Sludge Belcher its a good option

All hits on head, be smart if required
You can do it. Less than 5 trys
Just need a good drow

1º Select frost minions/spells like Frost Nova or Snowchugger
2º Select Taunts - Mirror Image - Annoy-o-Tron - Sludge Belcher
3º Select big minions - Kel'Thuzad - Force-Tank MAX - War Golem

Deck build:

BRM 1-1 HC Grim Guzzler by pa1nkill3r
Class: Mage

Mage (17)

Neutral (13)

Youtube test:

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