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Games news:

Minecraft » This week in Minecraft — July 22nd
The first Minecraft novel is released this week, there's new skin packs on the Minecraft Marketplace and Mojang hires a new pixel artist.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
22.07.2017 15:00:02
Dota 2 » The International Approaches
With The International Group Stage just eleven days away, it’s time to unveil more information on the talent, schedule, and events surrounding of the biggest tournament of the year. Tournament News You can find the Casters for this year’s eve...
22.07.2017 13:00:02
Guild Wars 2 » The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of July 24
We’ve partnered up with some our fans to showcase their creative and exciting Guild Wars 2-inspired content on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. Check out next week’s schedule below! Streams for the Week of July 24 Tuesday, July ...
22.07.2017 06:01:02
Starcraft 2 » StarCraft II 7th Anniversary Portrait
StarCraft II turns seven on July 27 and we’re giving away a free portrait to celebrate!
21.07.2017 21:12:01
Diablo 3 » Season 11 Now Live
The first Season of the Necromancer has begun rolling out! Learn how to get started with our quick guide.
21.07.2017 01:00:01
Heroes of the Storm » Heroes Brawl of the Week, July 21, 2017: AzmoDUNK!
Dominate your enemies with the Lord of SLAM! This week’s Heroes Brawl is AzmoDUNK!
20.07.2017 21:05:01
Starcraft 2 » WCS Valencia Infographic
We saw champions fall and were treated to one of the best Zerg vs Zerg matches ever played at WCS Valencia. Check out this infographic to learn some cool facts about the tournament!
20.07.2017 18:12:01
Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft » Icecrown Tours - Part 1
In which the Lich King explains his intentions.
20.07.2017 17:02:01
Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft » COME CHILL AT THE FROST FESTIVAL
20.07.2017 02:02:01
Dota 2 » Secret Shop Update
We want to apologize for the roll out of the Secret Shop, we know fans are disappointed. It is our responsibility to make sure we offer a good experience to our players, and we did a poor job of that. The shipping costs are too expensive all around and m...
19.07.2017 21:00:04
Starcraft 2 » StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void 3.16.0 Patch Notes
Patch 3.16 introduces the War Chest and the Korean Shoutcaster Park Sang-Hyun to StarCraft II.
19.07.2017 15:12:01
Starcraft 2 » 2017 Ladder Season 3 Begins
The start of our third season of the 2017 StarCraft II Ladder has arrived! Click through for the details.
19.07.2017 06:12:01
Guild Wars 2 » The Black Lion Hunters Board is Now Available!
Take it from me—a trickle of steady income is more useful than you’d think. You could turn every skritt you meet upside-down and shake them, but it’s far more efficient to invest in dedicated employees who can do the hard work of see...
19.07.2017 06:01:01
Guild Wars 2 » Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends”
“One Path Ends”—the sixth and final episode of Living World Season 3—arrives on July 25. Watch the teaser trailer below! Join us on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit on release day after the episode goes live. Members of the ...
19.07.2017 06:01:01
Star Wars: The Old Republic » Taking on Operations
Sisters of Carnage: Aivela and Esne As the latest addition to the Gods of the Machine Operation in the ‘Sisters of Carnage’ Game Update, superweapons Aivela and Esne offer a new challenge. While the twin-sister droids appear similar, they each have d...
19.07.2017 02:06:01
Heroes of the Storm » Weekly Collection Update: July 18 – 25, 2017
We've placed a number of Heroes on sale, and swapped a fresh set of cosmetics into the featured item rotation.
19.07.2017 02:05:01
TERA » Get Ready for TERA’s Summer Strongbox Weekend!
It’s time to stock up on strongbox keys, because TERA’s strongbox jackpot weekend is back with new rewards! Beginning after maintenance on Thursday, July 20 and continuing until maintenance on Tuesday, July 25, you can open locked strongbox...
18.07.2017 21:00:03
Minecraft » Mojang Hires Pixel Artist
Pixel artist Jasper Boerstra joins Mojang to work on unifying the style of Minecraft textures. Click here to learn more and see some sneak previews of the changes coming to Minecraft.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("...
18.07.2017 15:00:02

Games streams:

Guild Wars 2 » - scilowow
Guild Wars 2 stream, - scilowow
22.07.2017 18:30:01
TERA » - kalo_cs
Tera stream, - kalo_cs
22.07.2017 18:30:01
Overwatch » - kittycity
Overwatch stream, - kittycity
22.07.2017 18:30:01
Overwatch » - spielekaufde
Overwatch stream, - spielekaufde
22.07.2017 18:30:01
Guild Wars 2 » - naskii
Guild Wars 2 stream, - naskii
22.07.2017 18:30:01
Guild Wars 2 » - rayowag
Guild Wars 2 stream, - rayowag
22.07.2017 18:30:01
Guild Wars 2 » - kenshibear
Guild Wars 2 stream, - kenshibear
22.07.2017 18:30:01
TERA » - hekarray
Tera stream, - hekarray
22.07.2017 18:30:01
Minecraft » - kandytung
Minecraft stream, - kandytung
22.07.2017 18:20:00

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