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Dota 2 news:

The sleeping dragon wakes
We’ve just finished our first significant expansion of Dota 2 server capacity around the world, and that means it’s time to kick this thing up a notch. Starting this week, we’ll be handing out Dota 2 in increasing volumes. To celebrate,...
11.11.2011 13:00:04
Your time has come
Check your email, because the first batch of invites are going out! ...
11.11.2011 13:00:04
The crusade continues
It’s Knight time! In addition to Omniknight and Dragon Knight, today’s update includes another step in our process of tackling the problem of players abandoning games repeatedly. This is the first time we’ll be moving beyond just gather...
11.11.2011 13:00:04
Burnt Offerings
Today’s update adds Warlock, a master of the Dark Arts and the only hero capable of summoning a mighty flaming golem. Among a variety of other fixes and additions, today’s update also adds another step in our ongoing work to tackle community ...
11.11.2011 13:00:04