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RIFT news » Budgie Badness (to the bone)

Budgie Madness is back and with a terribly cute vengeance just in time for Valentine’s Day! The Budgie Races begin on February 14th and you, Ascended, look like you could become a pro Budgie Racer!

Saddle up and practice your daily races in Silverwood, Freemarch, Cape Jule, and Pelladane.

Some seasoned professionals may be out on that race track, so here are some tips to be the just like them:
• Stay within the marked path!
• White checkpoints need to be hit throughout the race.
• Make sure to make it to the Green boosts first to receive Terminal Velocity to make your opponents eat your dust.
• Avoid Orange Traps, they’ll only slow you down!

After completing your races, stock up as many Chaos Motes as your inventory can hold and head back to the PRI Representatives to get a budgie of your very own. The Planar Research Institute has some of the cutest Budgies in Telara available for Bird Seed, so pick your favorite to ride off into the sunset with!

Budgie Madness will end on February 16th, 2020 at 23:59 Server Time, so make sure to grab as many Budgies as you can hold on to!

Hop, Sprint and Jump to that Finish Line!

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