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Star Wars: The Old Republic news:

Early Game Access Has Begun
Fans who have pre-ordered STAR WARS: The Old Republic can now begin playing the game!
13.12.2011 21:00:05
Sith Inquisitor Character Progression
See the many ways that this disciple of the Dark Side evolves throughout your journey.
09.12.2011 21:16:01
Pre-load STAR WARS: The Old Republic Now!
Players who’ve pre-ordered the game are now able to download the client and install the game pre-launch!
07.12.2011 21:46:01
The Art and Making of The Old Republic
Get a peek at the new book from Chronicle Books which details the creation of STAR WARS: The Old Republic.
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Bringing Down the Hammer
Watch as an Imperial strike team battles for control of a powerful battle station in this new Flashpoint!
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Last Chance to Finalize Your Guild
This is your last opportunity to finalize your guild before Early Game Access begins!
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Jedi Consular Character Progression
Follow the various paths of advancement for this powerful Force user in this new video!
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Listen to the Music of The Old Republic
Listen to the musical score of STAR WARS: The Old Republic as we count down to launch!
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Pre-Order The Old Republic Peripherals
Grab your set of Razer gaming peripherals based on STAR WARS: The Old Republic today!
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Pre-Launch Guild Program Ends Tomorrow
Today is your last chance to finalize your guild before the start of Early Game Access!
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Choose Your Side: Agent vs. Consular
Members of the BioWare development team debate who would win between two more iconic STAR WARS classes.
05.12.2011 11:39:29
Pre-Launch Guilds Are Locked
Pre-Launch Guilds that met the requirements are now finalized for transfer into the game!
05.12.2011 11:39:29