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Hearthstone - Heroes of WarcraftHeroes of the Storm

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World of WarcraftStarcraft 2Heroes of NewerthDota 2RIFTGuild Wars 2Diablo 3Heroes of the StormOverwatchHearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft

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21.10.2016 08:48:19 Reply
Repair twitch streams on viewing page.
21.09.2016 04:28:09 Reply
Make working Twitch stream list.
29.04.2015 08:50:31 Reply
Rebuild some news parsers.
27.04.2015 11:17:46 Reply
Starting recover GSN from long sleep... Clear spam-users/streams/news awhile.
Now lang-flag taken from streams api.
20.02.2013 16:27:24 Reply
Site migrated on MongoDB :)
20.02.2013 16:27:38 Reply
yey \o/
22.07.2012 17:40:18 Reply
Optimize mysql. Now site will be working more faster. Yey, loading TV page very fast!
10.07.2012 16:46:38 Reply
Server moved to Germany
23.06.2012 12:21:08 Reply
Fixed LOL twitch streams.
10.05.2012 17:47:21 Reply
New wall addon. Now you can see new "load more comments" button for user walls.
02.12.2011 15:36:50 Reply
New comments reply system.
02.12.2011 15:36:57 Reply
02.12.2011 15:37:36 Reply
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