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RIFT news:

RIFT® 1.11: Tempest Rising – Coming soon!
Battle through the furious run-up to STORM LEGION™ while exploring massive class changes in RIFT 1.11: Tempest Rising. In preparation for the expansion release on Nov. 13, update 1.11 completely overhauls the Ascended Soul System and unleashes a World Event that will remake the face of Telara.
09.10.2012 04:00:01
Returning subscribers: Play free July 25-29!
Return to Telara and experience level-50 PvP like never before with Conquest. Log in to RIFT™ between July 25-29 and play any of your Ascended – regardless of level – for free!
17.09.2012 20:00:01
Lore of the Storm
Terror will return to RIFT™: Crucia aims to cross Telara to lost continents … and the planes themsleves. Now, you can read of her dark past in the RIFT: Storm Legion™ lore hub. Discover fascinating histories and preview the treacherous days to come!
17.09.2012 20:00:01
New Mage Soul - LIVE reveal on!
Casters and conjurers, prepare: The new Storm Legion™ Mage Soul will be revealed LIVE on this Friday, Aug. 10 at 2:30pm Pacific.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
Storm Legion™ FREE with 1-yr game time purchase
RIFT® owners: Get the Storm Legion expansion for FREE when you purchase 12 months of game time! Prepare now for the vast new continents of Brevane and Dusken, the staggering battle for the Infinity Gate, and all that lies beyond!
17.09.2012 20:00:01
RIFT® Dev Diary: the Making of Storm Legion™
Watch the Making of Storm Legion dev diary for a preview of what's coming in the first RIFT expansion. Meet Crucia and her minions, discover Brevane and Dusken, and glimpse the all-important Infinity Gate. The RIFT universe is unleashed in 2.0, introducing two vast new continents holding keys to the future of the Ascended – and the Dragon of Air, who threatens to usurp it all.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
RIFT® & Trion LIVE from PAX Prime
Trion and RIFT are streaming live from the show floor throughout PAX Prime! Chat with RIFT developers, see STORM LEGION™ in action, and check out gameplay and events for Defiance™, End of Nations™, and Warface.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
Wardfall – Features of the Storm video
The Ward will fall. Telara will change … or cease to exist. So says the Queen of Storms, who’s saved her Legion’s strength for a final struggle to conquer the cosmos.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
RIFT® 1.10: Calm Before the Storm
Look past factional differences and prepare for what's to come! RIFT 1.10: Calm Before the Storm ushers in a groundbreaking era of cross-faction gameplay, enabling players to group and embark on dungeons, raids, PvP, and more with allies from either camp.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
New Warrior Soul – LIVE Reveal Sept. 14
Soldiers – to arms! The new STORM LEGION™ Warrior Soul will be revealed LIVE at this Friday, Sept. 14 at 2:30pm Pacific.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
Try RIFT® 1.10 free Sept. 14-16!
Return to Telara for free Sept. 14-16 and sample the incredible cross-faction gameplay introduced in our latest update, Calm Before the Storm. Use your level 20+ characters in breathtaking new battles.
17.09.2012 20:00:01
Video: Conquest - three new PvP factions
Choose your side for Conquest, where three new factions of combined Guardian and Defiant forces engage in massive battles for the future of the Ascended. Meet the Dominion, Oathsworn, and Nightfall, and take up arms in epic three-way warfare with crafting, monster-slaying, and open-world conflict in alternate realities of Telara.
29.06.2012 20:00:06
Mentoring: Level down to power up
Become a mentor and experience all of Telara at any level. As an Ascended Mentor, you can adventure with lower-level friends and still earn endgame XP and rewards. Bring your friends to RIFT™ and defend the world together, with no level gap to hold you back.
27.06.2012 04:00:03
New Sliver: Primeval Feast
Conquer a new Sliver where Fae Lord Twyl has killed Greenscale in a Telara twisted by the Plane of Life. Gather nine allies and seek help from an old enemy to end Twyl’s fun before he brings the party to your world!
27.06.2012 04:00:03
New feature: Barbershop
Wish you could swap the dreadlocks for a buzz cut? Starting to regret that neck tattoo? Visit the Barbershop in RIFT™ 1.9 to tweak all of your features (except race and gender) from scratch! Sport a new hairstyle, grow six inches taller, and even change the color of your eyes, all for a nominal fee.
27.06.2012 04:00:03
New World Event: Summerfest
Enjoy summer break with Summerfest, the latest World Event headed for RIFT™. Go on a scavenger hunt, catch fish, host a cookout, and track down a dozen adorable new pets. Save up your Friendship Bracelets and Merit Badges for some epic loot from the Plane of Life, survive the Savage Swarm zone event, and sink the Swarm Lord when RIFT 1.9 arrives!
27.06.2012 04:00:03
Save on RIFT™, join End of Nations beta
Get a multi-month RIFT subscription this July and save up to 35%! You'll be right on time for RIFT 1.9: Conquest, with zone-wide PvP, Mentoring, a new Barbershop, and much more, PLUS you will receive a guaranteed invite to one of the upcoming End of Nations™ closed beta events!
27.06.2012 04:00:03
RIFT™ expansion announced
RIFT: Storm Legion™, the first expansion headed for war-torn Telara, features two enormous continents offering new ways to level, custom player spaces, incredible new dungeons, raids, souls, and much more.
14.06.2012 04:00:04
Join one of three new PvP factions for Conquest
Battle as a member of the Dominion, Oathsworn, or Nightfall, three groups composed of Guardians and Defiant assembled across shards, fighting for the future of the Ascended. Join a huge number of players to capture Sourcestone Extractors in an alternate-reality battlefield the size of an entire zone. The more you fight, the more your Conquest bar fills, granting buffs that persist after the victor is crowned. Land capture and control – as well as crafting and other PvE objectives – play a part in this massive inter-dimensional conflict that forever changesRIFT™ PvP!
14.06.2012 04:00:04
RIFT™ 1.9: Conquest is coming
Choose one of three factions and go to war for the future of the Ascended. Be there as cross-shard conflict erupts across a massive alternate-reality battlefield where huge numbers of players clash to control precious Sourcestone Extractors! On top of Conquest's incredible new inter-dimensional PvP, RIFT 1.9 grants you ultimate flexibility: Change your appearance with a quick visit to the new Barbershop, earn high-level XP and rewards while playing alongside your low-level friends with Mentoring, discover all-new Instant Adventure in Silverwood, Freemarch, Stonefield, and Gloamwood, take on the Primeval Feast Sliver, Summerfest World Event, and more!
14.06.2012 04:00:04
Child’s Play
In 2003, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade started the Child's Play charity, which united gamers in providing toys and games to sick children in hospitals worldwide. To support their exemplary work, Trion has pledged to donate $1 for every sale to Child's Play whenever you buy a RIFT™ digital upgrade from December 9-11. Make a difference this holiday season, and bring the gift of gaming to a child who needs it.
13.06.2012 17:10:23
Wishing you a happy Fae Yule
The spirit of giving spreads across Telara from Iron Pine Peak to Shimmersand as Ascended celebrate the new holiday of Fae Yule. Join the festivities with this neatly wrapped video just for you, filled with presents, merriment, and a treant decked in twinkling lights.
13.06.2012 17:10:23
Save up to 20% when you gear up with J!NX
Give the gift of RIFT™ gear for the holidays, and save big! Take advantage of the J!NX winter sale to grab RIFT apparel and save on your purchase when you use the promo code "SAVINGTHROW" at checkout. Spend $30 to get 5% off, $50 to receive 10% off, $75 to get 15% off, and $100 or more to save 20% off your purchase. Or get free shipping when you buy three or more shirts, hats, or hoodies and use the promo code "FREESHIP2011".
13.06.2012 17:10:23
Important notification concerning your Trion Worlds account
Please visit for more information.
13.06.2012 17:10:23
RIFT™ in your pocket
Keep tabs on Telara with the FREE RIFT Mobile app beta, usable by anyone with a registered copy of RIFT (Free Trial players excluded). After you log in with your Trion Worlds account, you can chat with your friends, keep up with guild activity, and even set alerts to be notified about Zone Events on your shard as they happen. You can also play scratch-off card minigames to win in-game loot like artifacts, crafting materials, and Planarite delivered to your character’s mailbox.
13.06.2012 17:10:23