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RIFT news:

RIFT® Valentine's Day Sale
From Feb. 13 to Feb. 17 all editions of RIFT® are on sale for 25% off. Experience thrilling action and adventure as you battle Crucia and her Storm Legion across bold new continents.
28.02.2013 05:00:02
Bitten by the Love Bug
A special enchantment is racing across the Planes to celebrate The Festival of Mariel-Taun: the Love Bug. New titles and achievements await all hopeless romantics who help spread the romance! Did you catch the Love Bug? Log in and check your in-game mail now to find out!
28.02.2013 05:00:02
Carnival of the Ascended returns in Update 2.2
Update 2.2 is coming February 27 and RIFT® is celebrating its second anniversary by bringing back the Carnival of the Ascended. Try your luck at two new Carnival games, hunt down dragon piñatas to collect exotic glass beads, and explore the wonders of the daily dragon parades. . Partake in special carnival zone events ranging from pie stomping and throwing, to balloon gathering, and drinking games where you can collect festive hats, awesome mounts, and unique pets. Attain Planar Attunement Tier 3 or PvP Planar Attunement Tier 2, and prepare for battle in the new Steppes of Infinity zone event.
28.02.2013 05:00:02
Presenting RIFThead
The game mavens at ZAM have brought together their treasure trove of knowledge about Planar Attunement, the Ascended Soul system, the myriad lands and items of Telara, and more in one place: RIFThead! If you’re looking for answers, RIFThead is now the ultimate RIFT® resource.
28.02.2013 05:00:02
New European payment methods are live
Trion has teamed up with service providers across Europe to support a wide range of new payment options! Now you can pre-order, add game time, and more using any of the following service providers:
27.02.2013 05:00:01
Play STORM LEGION™ FREE through Dec. 18
STORM LEGION has already been called a "truly inspiring," "gold standard" expansion with "by far the most innovative housing system in the genre." Try it free from Dec. 14-18 when you join the Ascended in a march on the forces of Air and Death! Former subscribers can dive deep into STORM LEGION with no restrictions, while anyone, including RIFT Lite players, can celebrate a huge new Fae Yule World Event and build in private or public, personal or guild Dimensions.
11.12.2012 13:00:01
Claim your holiday presents
Fae Yule is coming! To celebrate the season we're offering three special presents that are easy to collect and redeem.
07.12.2012 05:00:01
RIFT® 2.1: Endless Eclipse coming Dec. 12
Regulos is coming, and he has a colossal, annihilating axe to grind with the Ascended. Starting Dec. 12, raiders can face off with the Destroyer in a 20-player raid that spans the planes of existence. Meanwhile, a new Chronicle reveals the fate of the Frozen Tempest campaign, while Guardians and Defiant across Telara join Grandfather Frost in the celebration of Fae Yule!
07.12.2012 05:00:01
Winter Subscription Sale
Purchase a six-month subscription from Nov. 27 – Dec. 31 and play RIFT® at 30% off our monthly rate! Provision now for your adventures across death-touched Dusken and life-infused Brevane: each is the size of Mathosia and filled to the brim with new Instant Adventures, dungeons, and quests that will prepare you for showdowns with Regulos, Crucia, and threats from the planes beyond!
29.11.2012 07:19:53
Raptr Rewards: Free Goggles, Arbiter Helm, and more
Ascend your RIFT® experience with Raptr, now through Jan. 13! Earn Raptr Rewards from the Dwarven Smithy Goggles to the Storm Legion™ Arbiter's Helm with the gaming community that rewards you for time played across a huge number of console and PC games.
17.11.2012 05:00:01
Free weekend before STORM LEGION™ launch
Join us Nov. 7 - 11 for a colossal free weekend leading up to the STORM LEGION release. Ascended of all levels can catch up on features we've added since launch, explore the revamped Soul system, and dive into a World Event that sets the stage for Crucia's reign.
03.11.2012 05:00:01
Continent of Dusken – LIVE Reveals Nov. 6 & Nov. 9
Death-touched Dusken stands ready to test and reward Ascended who can stomach its grim terrain. Get an undead’s eye view of the new continent in two live stream reveals this week:
03.11.2012 05:00:01
Open Beta Event runs Nov. 2 - 5!
On Nov. 2, STORM LEGION™ beta enters open testing! Our final event, “At the Gates of Infinity”, unleashes zones and dungeons across the new continents for full-scale stress-testing, exploration, and adventure.
26.10.2012 04:00:01
Continent of Brevane – LIVE Reveals Oct. 30 & Nov. 2
Preview the challenges and riches debuting with the Empyrean Core, Golem Foundry, and Storm Breaker Protocol 5-player instances. Get a first look at the prototype golems and overland combat, mad doctors and mutated princes waiting to push your skills to the brink.
26.10.2012 04:00:01
New Cleric Soul – LIVE reveal Oct. 26
Healing takes a twisted turn in our final expansion Soul reveal. Preview the new Cleric LIVE at on Friday, Oct. 26 at 2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.
20.10.2012 04:00:01
Discover RIFT® Dimensions
The RIFT Dimensions live stream recording is available now on YouTube! Preview the player- and guild-owned instances coming to Telara and dive into the unique locals, customization options, and tools awaiting you in STORM LEGION™.
20.10.2012 04:00:01
Empyrean Mechanics coming to STORM LEGION™
As the Ward shielding Telara from the planes gives way, the relics of Empyrean engineering are returning to life. Prepare to arm yourself with the advanced weapons and technologies of a lost civilization. You'll need them in the battles to come!
17.10.2012 20:00:01
Dimensions star in Oct. 19 live stream
Watch Dimensions take shape this Friday and preview the future of player- and guild-owned spaces in RIFT®. Featuring incredible locales, customization tools, and building blocks with unlimited potential, Dimensions let you construct, personalize, and control access to your own slivers of Telara.
17.10.2012 20:00:01
Beta Event 2 runs Oct. 19 – 24!
STORM LEGION™ stress testing returns in "From Seratos with Love," our second beta event pitting the Ascended against Crucia’s forces across the expanded world. Join us Friday, Oct. 19 (10 AM PDT) through Wednesday, Oct. 24 (8 AM PDT) and test the zones of Seratos, City Core, and Eastern Holdings. Dimensions await your building (and feedback!), as do all-new dungeons, Hunt Rifts, Instant Adventures, and more!
17.10.2012 20:00:01
RIFT® 1.11: Tempest Rising is live!
Join your fellow Ascended in the furious run-up to STORM LEGION™. Explore massive new class changes and dive into a World Event that will usher in the next chapter of RIFT!
17.10.2012 20:00:01
Save a panda with STORM LEGION™ - now through Oct. 3
During the week of 9/26 - 10/3, we're donating $1 to Pandas International for every copy of STORM LEGION™ pre-ordered through
09.10.2012 04:00:01
New Rogue Soul – LIVE Reveal Oct. 5
Calling tricksters, sell-swords, and sneaks: The new STORM LEGION™ Rogue Soul will be revealed LIVE at this Friday, Oct. 5 at 2:30pm Pacific / 21:30 UTC.
09.10.2012 04:00:01
Tactician Rogue Soul revealed
The STORM LEGION™ Rogue Soul reveal is now available on YouTube. Watch as the team unveils the Soul’s mastery of new and versatile magitech. Armed with the devices and spells of Empyrean technology, the Tactician adds potent area healing and deadly elemental torrents to the Rogue Calling.
09.10.2012 04:00:01
Dynamic Content live stream coming Oct. 12
Tune in this Friday for a live stream preview of new content and questing coming to STORM LEGION™. We’ve been hard at work evolving dynamic events over the past year and are ready to share a look at our all-new zone events, bigger and badder colossi, Instant Adventure, onslaughts, Carnage quests, and more.
09.10.2012 04:00:01
STORM LEGION™ Beta starts Oct. 5
We're starting closed beta stress tests for RIFT STORM LEGION™. Join us in events this Oct. and Nov. See if you’ve got the mettle to stand up to the might of the Dragon of Air!
09.10.2012 04:00:01