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World of Tanks news:

Holiday Surprises!
A holiday gift tank and Czech-themed missions to celebrate the new line of medium tanks!
18.12.2015 01:00:02
Year-End Discounts and Bonuses
Find an array of discounts and bonuses in-game from Garage slots to XP conversions!
15.12.2015 13:00:02
Winter Wolfpack
Roll out with your pack of medium tanks for Crew XP and consumables this weekend!
11.12.2015 13:00:02
On Track to the IS-4 - Featuring the Churchill III
Press forward with this Soviet heavy tank - you'll find deep discounts and rewarding missions!
07.12.2015 13:00:02
Holiday Lights and Gifts from Afar
Bring out the bulbs and send some destruction to the enemy lines!
04.12.2015 13:00:02
Wargaming's Own: December - Tier VI
Dominate the enemy at tier VI this month for your chance to win awesome prizes as one of Wargaming's Own!
01.12.2015 13:00:02
December 2015: Reindeer Games, 12 Days of Tanksmas and More!
Find out what we've got in store all month!
01.12.2015 01:00:01
Hunt the Clan League Winners
Defeat members of the Clan League's BULBA and SIMP for Gold rewards!
30.11.2015 13:00:01
The Feast
We're serving up tasty bonuses and missions, delicious deals, and a sweet new Premium tank this weekend. Be sure to eat your fill!
25.11.2015 01:00:01
On Track to the FV215b - Featuring the Excelsior
Enjoy new specials on your quest for this adaptable British heavy tank.
23.11.2015 13:00:02
Fully Baked Potato - Mid-Tier Heavy Tank Discounts
Fill up on consumables and Crew XP with this weekend's missions to keep yourself prepared.
20.11.2015 13:00:01
Setting the Table for a Guest
Rewarding missions help you set the table for a mysterious guest due to arrive.
16.11.2015 13:00:01
Pacific Rumble Outcome Mission
The Pacific Rumble has ended but there's one more rewarding mission ahead!
13.11.2015 13:00:02
Meal Conversations - Four Days of x5 on Daily First Victories!
Join us for some mealtime conversation with discounts and missions rewarding the hardships of battle!
10.11.2015 01:00:01
On Track to the M48 Patton - Plus Earn a Ram II
We've got discounts, bonuses and bundles to help you on your quest for this versatile and powerful American medium tank.
09.11.2015 13:00:02
Watching the Big Game
Become your own tank hero this weekend with discounts and missions while we cheer on our teams fighting in the Pacific Rumble!
06.11.2015 13:00:02
Setting the Table for Sherman
Join us for a feast of rewards and equipment, and help set the table for Sherman!
02.11.2015 13:00:01
On Track to the AMX 30 B with Matilda IV Mission
We've got discounts, bonuses and bundles to help you on your quest for this well-armed French medium tank.
26.10.2015 13:00:02
Monster Showdown - XP Bonuses and Rewards Galore!
Take advantage of our last epic week of Monster Madness, and earn up to x5 XP with this week's missions and bonuses!
26.10.2015 13:00:02
Abode of the Tankenstein
Attack the abode of the terrible Tankenstein and take on missions, XP and more!
23.10.2015 13:00:01
Cave of the Tankacabra!
Enter the cave of the fearsome Tankacabra and hunt for missions, XP and more!
16.10.2015 13:00:02
M56 Scorpion: The Tankacabra Strikes!
This brand-new US tier VII tank destroyer is now available in the Premium Shop!
12.10.2015 13:00:01
On Track to the T110E4
Discounts and bonuses are here to help you on your quest for this versatile tank destroyer!
12.10.2015 13:00:01
Lair of the Tanksquatch
Embark on a quest for the legendary Tanksquatch amid a rain of XP, Missions and more!
09.10.2015 13:00:02
Toy Defense 2 Remastered: Out Now!
Announcing the release of an epic new tower defense game from our partners!
08.10.2015 17:00:01