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World of Tanks news:

Public Test 0.8.3 Release
The public test for version 8.3 is here! There's a bevy of changes coming to the Public Test Server. Check out the in-depth list to get a taste for what's around the corner for World of Tanks.
28.12.2012 13:00:03
New Year's Bash
We have a few days left in 2012, but the bash starts now and runs all the way through the 2nd of January!
28.12.2012 05:00:04
Battle for the Mines: Skirmish I
With a new year nearly upon us, change is in the air. Our Skirmish tournaments are getting a reboot and to kick things off, this tourney will be focused on lower tier tanks.
28.12.2012 01:00:06
Tank Intel: T32
Find out more about this powerful U.S.Heavy Tank, T32 in todays Tank Intel episode.
27.12.2012 17:00:03
All Star Contest: Dec 26th - 30th
The return of the All Star contest is finally here. It's your chance to score some 'easy' gold just by submitting your best match scores for our approval!
27.12.2012 05:00:04
Treads for Threads Campaign Extension
After popular demand, the t-shirt qualification period is receiving an additional ten days!
27.12.2012 05:00:04
Caption Contest: December 26th
Hmmm, we wonder if you have the energy reserves, after the holiday rush, to formulate a quick quip or two for this week's Caption Contest. Show us that you're made of more than egg nog and cookies!
27.12.2012 05:00:04
The Chieftain's Hatch: Goodbye 2012
The Chieftain reflects on the year past.
27.12.2012 01:00:04
Tank Intel: M24 Chaffee
Here is a video overview revealing some features of the U.S. M24 Chaffee Light Tank.
26.12.2012 17:00:04
Season's Greetings From Wargaming
By now, we hope you've all had the chance to get a few games in with your complimentary T1E6, and have been able to make use of all the bonuses and discounts that have been in effect for the past few days. Apparently, the video shows just how challenging it was to get all those gifts out to you!
26.12.2012 01:00:02
Happy Holidays From Wargaming America
Our video team put together a very special bit of footage just before the office cleared out for the holidays. It's been a wild year, we've grown so much, and we wanted to thank you for helping us get to where we are.
25.12.2012 05:00:03
Announcing Operation: Top Gun
Are your skills up to the challenge? This Operation tests your ability for collecting killing blows during your matches. The reward? Bonus experience and yet another notch on your belt!
24.12.2012 13:00:03
Tank Intel: M3 Lee
An intelligence deep dive for the extraordinary U.S. Tier IV Medium Tank: the M3 Lee.
24.12.2012 13:00:03
Server Maintenance: Delivering the T1E6
The server may be coming down, but we've got a pretty good reason! The T1E6 will be added to your garage after a brief period of maintenance.
24.12.2012 05:00:03
Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Comet Pt1
Our nuts and bolts video tour moves across the Atlantic
24.12.2012 01:00:02
Gift Shop Packages: Dec 23rd - 27th
It's the last set of Gift Shop packages before the New Year. Make sure to check off every tanker on your gift list!
24.12.2012 01:00:02
Tech Tree Focus: USA Dec 24th - 28th
Have a hankering for laying in wait, letting the enemy roll into your carefully laid firing zone, and then utterly destroying them without a return volley? No?! This week's Tech Tree Focus might motivate you to rethink your position.
24.12.2012 01:00:02
Winter Celebration Part II
Now that you've been raking in the credits and experience in the first part of our Winter Celebration, it's time to cash it all in for some new toys during part two!
24.12.2012 01:00:02
Clan Wars Freeze Dec 22nd - Jan 2nd
We know how challenging it can be to defend all those gold producing provinces in game, and we also know that this is the time of year when everyone seems to be busy busy busy, perhaps too busy to answer the call for nightly battles.
23.12.2012 05:00:05
Fan Art Spotlight #52
This week we feature World of TanksĀ® inspired artwork from Snuttan, Snick112, rind, Wastemore, and Sourkraut!
23.12.2012 01:00:03
Announcing Operation: Steel Wall
Do you have what it takes to take a beating and keep on rolling? This Operation's reward is a hefty bit of credits each time you earn the achievement.
22.12.2012 01:00:01
Treads for Threads Campaign
Wargaming America is clothing tier 10 tankers in glorious victory! (A.K.A. T-shirt giveaway!)
22.12.2012 01:00:01
ASAP with Chris Keeling
Chris Keeling, World of Tanks Producer, answers your questions in our ASAP series
21.12.2012 17:00:04
End of the Year Events Preview
Ten days left in 2012, and we plan on sending this year off with a few things to remember. We hope you enjoy our holiday and New Year's festivities!
21.12.2012 13:00:06
Who Sleighed the Sheriff?
Those wily sheriffs are at it again. They'll be out there running amok for the next few days, with fists full of gold. Deliver the killing shell to collect your reward!
21.12.2012 01:00:03