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World of Tanks news:

Win Tickets to the Carolina Rebellion
The Wargaming Road Tour is headed to the Carolina Rebellion at the Rock City Campgrounds at Charlotte Motor Speedway! If you'd like a chance to win free General Admission tickets, or to upgrade you existing ticket, click through for more details.
02.05.2013 00:00:01
Skirmish XVIII: Fields of Glory
If you've been working on your seven-player tournament team compositions then it's time to gather your forces and take a stab at Skirmish XVIII's prize pool!
02.05.2013 00:00:01
May's Desktop Wallpaper
Take a peek at what the Art Team has come up with for this month's desktop wallpaper and calendar!
01.05.2013 16:00:01
On Track to the IS-7 Event
We're pleased to announce the arrival of a new bi-monthly event; the On Track events will target vehicles from the upper reaches of the tech trees. The debut of these bonuses and discounts go to the Soviet heavy line!
01.05.2013 04:00:02
Military Month 2013 Charity Drive
We'll be splitting 10% of all revenue from the sale of our special National Military Appreciation Month Bundles to three charity organizations: Homes For Our Troops, AMVETS, and the Military Families Fund.
01.05.2013 00:00:02
Tanks of the Month: T-34 & T-34-85
To facilitate a newly found interest and respect for these fighting vehicles, this month's credit bonus goes to both the T-34 & T-34-85!
01.05.2013 00:00:02
Announcing Operation: Defender, April 29 to May 3
This week's Operation reward of a hefty chunk of bonus XP goes out to all of you diligent flag watchers out there.
30.04.2013 00:00:01
Support Page Downtime April 29
The Support page will be unavailable for approximately two hours on April 29th.
29.04.2013 12:00:01
Tech Tree Focus: USSR, April 29 - May 3
This week's Tech Tree Focus is being applied to the Soviet medium and heavy tank branch. If you've ever wanted to venture down this particular line now's the time to stretch your credits a little further while doing so!
29.04.2013 00:00:01
Gift Shop Packages, Apr 28 - May 2
This week's Gift Shop bundles feature two premium vehicles, one from the American line and one from the British, as well as a Premium bundle to suit your needs!
29.04.2013 00:00:01
The Chieftain's Hatch: Japanese Anti-tank Assaults
Another result of the digging in the National Archives is this summary of close assault anti-tank tactics.
28.04.2013 00:01:12
Fan Art Spotlight #69
This week we feature World of Tanks inspired artwork from Boriswar, Carausius287, Toxn, Hot_sauce, and P51DFighter!
28.04.2013 00:01:12
Rampage's Ruckus: Absolute Tank Company
Remember that time Major_Rampage went back in time just to make sure you were late for your history test causing you to fail out of High School? Today is your chance for revenge!
27.04.2013 00:00:01
News From the Front: 8.5 Update, Parody Contest, and Upcoming Specials
Check out the latest episode to learn more about upcoming events and the latest news.
27.04.2013 00:00:01
Additional Changes in the 8.5 Update
Not every aspect of the 8.5 Update got as much attention as it should have, and in an effort to increase transparency here's a list of additional changes you may not have immediately noticed.
27.04.2013 00:00:01
Battle of Halbe Weekend
In honor of the Battle of Halbe we're discounting a number of German and Soviet tanks, as well as making it more affordable to increase the size of your garage and customize the inscriptions on your tank for a limited time.
26.04.2013 00:00:02
8.5 Event "XP Jäger"
The 8.5 Update brings nine new vehicles to our battlefields and what better way to welcome them than to reward all the top scoring XP earners during their debut?!
26.04.2013 00:00:02
Skirmish XVII: No Limit Himmelsdorf
Nothing will hold you back in our latest Skirmish event that features no point limit for your team!
26.04.2013 00:00:02
Tank Intel: T71
Interested in seeing a tank that can scream over the battlefield like an eagle on the hunt? Want to witness a micro-sized tank deliver a six shot combo in the blink of an eye? Open up the article, hit play and watch the T71 video already!
25.04.2013 16:00:03
8.5 Update is Now Live
Check our our 8.5 Update information hub that has everything you need to know about the latest content.
25.04.2013 16:00:03
8.5 Update Release, Server & Clan Wars Downtime
With 8.5 set for release tomorrow, we'll be bringing down the servers in order to deploy the new content. This will also affect Clan Wars.
25.04.2013 00:00:01
8.5 Update Stream With Jinxx and Major_Rampage!
Join us for a livestream event to highlight the new features in 8.5 Update.
25.04.2013 00:00:01
Tank School – Episode 1: Training Begins
Pico’s tank training begins in this first episode of Tank School.
25.04.2013 00:00:01
Video: 8.5 Brief
There's a convoy full of new content headed our way with the 8.5 Update. To help you digest everything that's rolling in, we've put together a short video filled with all the information you'll need!
24.04.2013 16:00:01
Limerick Contest Winners
Please put your hands together for our winning limerick entries!
24.04.2013 00:00:01