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Heroes of Newerth news:

HoN new Tweets 11.06.2013
We're counting down to #Dreamhack and @teamstaygreen is ready! #eSports
11.06.2013 20:00:02
HoN new Tweets 10.06.2013
Which Hero do you think will be the next to get an Ultimate Edition? #HeroesofNewerth #HoN
10.06.2013 20:00:02
HoN new Tweets 10.06.2013
The first battle of the Rift Wars has ended. Your votes decided the winner: Hunter Rampage! Who will battle next? #HoN #HeroesofNewerth
10.06.2013 16:00:02
HoN new Tweets 10.06.2013
You're welcome! Thanks for playing. RT @MaikrugeR thanks for making the best moba game ever <3
10.06.2013 14:00:03
HoN new Tweets 10.06.2013
Ouch. RT @Adri_FilFer if u want I can make u a tutorial how to lose 50 mmr in one day xdd
10.06.2013 14:00:03
HoN new Tweets 07.06.2013
Ultimate Aluna Series is LIVE on Tune in now! #eSports #HeroesofNewerth
07.06.2013 18:00:01
HoN new Tweets 07.06.2013
Thank you! RT @Aidan3_16 I'm loving all this lore you're adding with new heroes/avatars etc. Really cool.
07.06.2013 16:00:09
HoN new Tweets 07.06.2013
Check out the kick-off of #Dreamhack coverage from @GosuGamers : #eSports #HoN #HeroesofNewerth
07.06.2013 16:00:09
HoN new Tweets 05.06.2013
Coverage has started for the Ultimate Series: Aluna BD Tournament, tune in to have some fun over at Honcast!
05.06.2013 19:00:01
HoN new Tweets 05.06.2013
#Dreamhack is right around the corner. Catch up on all the action in this recap video! #HeroesofNewerth #eSports
05.06.2013 15:00:12
HoN new Tweets 05.06.2013
Who will win the battle between Hunter Rampage and Rift Arachna? #HoN #HeroesofNewerth
05.06.2013 14:00:02
HoN new Tweets 05.06.2013
Hey thanks! RT @Daaaaaniell Rampage avatar looks great. Good job guys.
05.06.2013 14:00:02
HoN new Tweets 04.06.2013
The Rift Wars are on between Hunter Rampage vs. Rift Arachna. Choose who will emerge victorious in the Specials Page of the #HoN Store.
04.06.2013 16:00:01
HoN new Tweets 03.06.2013
There's still time to sign up for the Ultimate Aluna Tournament Series: #HeroesofNewerth #HoN #eSports
03.06.2013 18:00:01
HoN new Tweets 03.06.2013
Shoutcaster @BreakyCPK will be doing an AMAA about working in the gaming industry 1pmEST/19.00CET #eSports #HoN
03.06.2013 16:00:01
HoN new Tweets 31.05.2013
We've partnered up with to provide in-depth Dreamhack Summer coverage!
31.05.2013 21:00:02
HoN new Tweets 31.05.2013
Thanks! RT @ImNewts @paulagarces1 #heroesofnewerth you guys did great she's great!
31.05.2013 14:00:01
HoN new Tweets 29.05.2013
We are pretty cool! RT @xMsGilly Apparently S2 Games the creator of @heroesofnewerth is located right here in #Kalamazoo! Pretty cool!
29.05.2013 20:00:01
HoN new Tweets 28.05.2013
How will you win your next game of #HoN? #HeroesofNewerth
28.05.2013 21:00:02
HoN new Tweets 28.05.2013
Naw son. RT ‏@Nocturne_RT don't play it and play League of legends? HoNs below Dota, Dota 2 and LoL so why bother
28.05.2013 21:00:02

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