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Minecraft news:

This Week in Minecraft — January 20th
Minecraft has a new leader, Helen Chiang, there's another new snapshot and LadyAgnes‏ shares a sneak preview of what's to come in the Update Aquatic. $(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
20.01.2018 21:00:02
Minecraft Snapshot 18W03B
Minecraft 1.13 is fast approaching! This weeks snapshot brings some performance boosts for data pack loading & command execution.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
17.01.2018 21:00:04
This Week in Minecraft: January 13th
As Minecraft 1.13 approaches there's a new snapshot, Jasper shares more progress on his re-work of the Minecraft textures and Maria is making dolphins smarter.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
13.01.2018 21:00:02
Minecraft Snapshot 18W02A
1.13 is getting closer and closer! This weeks snapshot brings some new improvements to the /execute command and a bunch of bug fixes!$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
10.01.2018 21:00:02
This Week in Minecraft — January 6th
The latest Minecraft: Java Edition 1.13 snapshot is out, there's even more free content this weekend on the Minecraft Marketplace and Jasper has more texture pack progress to share.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("di...
06.01.2018 15:00:01
Minecraft Snapshot 18W01A
The latest Minecraft: Java Edition 1.13 Snapshot is now available, filled with bug fixes.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
03.01.2018 21:00:04
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from the Minecraft Forum team.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
01.01.2018 03:00:02
Turtles Are Coming To Minecraft
A surprise christmas announcement has revealed something new coming to the Update Aquatic.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
27.12.2017 21:00:05
This week in Minecraft — Saturday
Story Mode: Season 2 Finale is out, the 12 Days of Minecraft has begun, there's more new Marketplace content than you can shake a stick at and the Norse Mythology pack is available on most platforms.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next()....
23.12.2017 21:00:03
This Week in Minecraft — December 16th
The new Minecraft textures are now available to preview in Minecraft: Java Edition, Jens shares his progress on Mob B and the trailer for the final episode of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is now available.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this)....
16.12.2017 21:00:02
Try the new Minecraft: Java Edition Textures
For the last few months, Mojang's talented pixel artists have been tweaking Minecraft's looks, updating the appearance of the game for sparkly 2017 eyes. From today you can download these tweaks!$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().chil...
14.12.2017 21:00:02
Minecraft Snapshot 17W50A
It's almost time for the holidays, so this week is going to be the last week for snapshots this year. Therefore, Mojang plans to cram as many snapshots into this week as they can.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("disp...
11.12.2017 21:00:05
This Week in Minecraft — December 9th
The latest Minecraft: Java Edition 1.13 Snapshot has been released, the 1.2.6 update to Minecraft is now available and there's a brand new Realms Clubs feature available in Minecraft.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("...
09.12.2017 15:00:02
Minecraft Snapshot 17W49A
This weeks Minecraft 1.13 snapshot brings us lots of bug fixes, and a new data concept, "tags".$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
06.12.2017 21:00:04
This week in Minecraft — December 2nd
A new Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot, more updated texture previews and Mojang is looking for your thoughts on Minecon 2018.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
02.12.2017 15:00:02
Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 17W48A
This weeks snapshot brings us customisable recipes in data packs, and lots of bug fixes to last weeks snapshot!$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
27.11.2017 21:00:01
This week in Minecraft — November 25th
Minecraft 1.2.5 has been released, which brings Windows Mixed Reality to Minecraft, there's a new Minecraft 1.3 Snapshot and there are some great Black Friday deals to get your hands on.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().cs...
25.11.2017 15:00:02
Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 17W47A
Major underlying changes to the Minecraft block data are available to preview in this week's Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
22.11.2017 15:00:03
Everything announced at MINECON Earth
Missed out on MINECON Earth? Not to worry, we've got a rundown of everything you missed, including which new mob is coming to Minecraft.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
19.11.2017 03:00:02
This week in Minecraft — November 18th
This week the MINECON Earth Mob voting options have been revealed, there's a new snapshot and even more new textures from Jasper.$(".bbc_spoiler_show").click(function(e){$(this).next().children().css("display","block");});...
18.11.2017 21:00:03

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