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Dota 2 news:

Level 2000 Collector’s Baby Roshan
Announcing a new exclusive physical reward available to all Battle Pass owners who reach Battle Level 2000, the Collector’s Baby Roshan statue! Additionally, as a way to show off your achievement in-game, all Level 2000 players will have a custom v...
26.07.2017 05:00:03
The International Approaches
With The International Group Stage just eleven days away, it’s time to unveil more information on the talent, schedule, and events surrounding of the biggest tournament of the year. Tournament News You can find the Casters for this year’s eve...
22.07.2017 13:00:02
Secret Shop Update
We want to apologize for the roll out of the Secret Shop, we know fans are disappointed. It is our responsibility to make sure we offer a good experience to our players, and we did a poor job of that. The shipping costs are too expensive all around and m...
19.07.2017 21:00:04
The International 2017 Secret Shop
The International 2017 Secret Shop is now open for business, offering this year’s new lineup of Dota 2 merchandise to fans around the world before the tournament even begins. Featuring a host of both original and community-created designs, the Valv...
18.07.2017 05:00:02
Immortal Treasure III
Immortal Treasure III is now available, featuring Viper’s venomous debut onto the item scene, along with all-new items for Weaver, Legion Commander, Spectre, Winter Wyvern, and Sand King. Each Immortal Treasure III you open also offers increasing o...
14.07.2017 21:00:04
All-Star Voting and Player Card Packs
All 18 teams are set, and The International is mere weeks away. For those that have earned a chance to compete in Seattle, all thoughts turn to the Aegis of Champions and the opponents that stand in the way of victory. And for a select few, another chall...
07.07.2017 05:00:06
The 2017 – 2018 Competitive Season
In just six weeks, a new world champion will emerge from Seattle, and for the Aegis bearers and fallen challengers alike, resurgent dreams of success in the upcoming year will already begin to take hold. But the road to The International 2018 will chart ...
03.07.2017 21:00:03
Kunkka & Tidehunter Announcer Pack
Today’s update rolls out the new Kunkka & Tidehunter Announcer Pack, available to all Battle Pass owners who raise their Battle Level to 75 or above. Featuring the voices of both the seadog Admiral and the lurking Leviathan, this pack replaces...
01.07.2017 21:00:02
Weekend Sale — Battle Level and Treasure Bundle
It’s time to boost your Battle Pass and grow your treasure stash with the Battle Level Bundle, available this weekend only. From now until the morning of Monday, June 26, Battle Pass customers can purchase this discounted bundle containing 80 Battl...
22.06.2017 21:00:04
The International Invites
The Dota summer season is in full swing, and it’s time to unveil the six teams that have earned direct invitations to The International. This year, all eighteen teams that make the journey to The International will compete in the Group Stage, where...
19.06.2017 05:00:02
Immortal Treasure II
Immortal Treasure II is now available, featuring all-new items for Pudge, Bloodseeker, Lina, Treant Protector, Elder Titan, and Chaos Knight. Each Immortal Treasure II you open also offers increasing odds to receive a rare Keeper of the Light mount or an...
16.06.2017 21:00:03
Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign — Siltbreaker: Act I
A day of reckoning has arrived. A long-dormant evil stirs in Dark Reef prison, and four chosen defenders must band together to undertake a secret mission to stop the fiendish Siltbreaker and his enthralled host of followers. To face this dire threat, all...
09.06.2017 05:00:02
Kunkka Prestige Item and Quest Path
Today marks the release of the exclusive ‘Prize of the Saltworn Mariner’ Kunkka Prestige item and Quest Path, available to all Battle Pass owners with a Battle Level of 225 or higher. Players who complete the Quest Path will also receive an a...
03.06.2017 13:00:02
Dota 2 Short Film Contest
Submissions for the 2017 Dota 2 Short Film Contest are now open, and this year we’ve extended the allowed length of each short film from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Filmmakers have until the morning of July 25, 2017 to submit their short film creatio...
01.06.2017 05:00:02
The International 2017 Collector’s Cache
Available exclusively to Battle Pass owners for $1.99, The International 2017 Collector’s Cache has arrived, brimming with 20 aquatic-themed item sets—and three rare sets—designed to hook a full spread of heroes into the spirit of this yearR...
27.05.2017 05:00:03
Client Performance Update
No matter which aspect of Dota captures your interest, all players benefit from improvements in the performance of the game client. With that in mind, today’s update delivers multiple changes focused on providing smooth and consistent gameplay rega...
23.05.2017 21:00:03
True Sight: The Kiev Major Grand Finals
An all-new episode of True Sight is now available, and all fans are invited to venture backstage with Team OG and as they battle through the best-of-five Grand Finals at The Kiev Major. With a level of all-access coverage that follows the cont...
19.05.2017 21:00:05
Exclusive Io Arcana
Some fans may have noticed that Io was not included in this year’s Arcana vote—indeed, we removed the wispy Fundamental from the selection process for pressing ceremonial concerns. But Io’s influence reaches into the very fabric of the Dota...
18.05.2017 21:00:05
Gameplay Patch – 7.06
Today’s patch introduces the 7.06 Gameplay Update, which focuses mainly on adjustments to general gameplay mechanics. Featuring changes to denies, lanes, shrines, and more, there are a host of details to check out before your next match. Head to th...
15.05.2017 21:00:04
The International 2017 Battle Pass
The International Battle Pass has arrived. With cargo holds brimming full of new and classic features, an all-new multiplayer campaign, and a host of exclusive rewards, this Battle Pass will leave you swimming in treasure as we sail through The Internati...
05.05.2017 05:00:03

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