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World of Tanks news:

The Black Market is Open!
Commanders! We intercepted this puzzling message: "Starting tonight, we're in rules for the next seven days..." The transmission coincides with a recent break in at our tank warehouse. We are currently taking inventory to see what is missin...
23.05.2019 13:00:03
The NA Wargaming Store is Open For Business!
In the market for some tank tops? Or maybe a cap to cap off your string of victories? Look no further, our NA Wargaming Store has all the merch you need! There are hoodies, pins, mugs, caps, T-shirts, sweatpants, construction blocks, commemorative coins,...
23.05.2019 01:00:02
x1.5 XP & Flag Emblem Weekend!
Want to earn 50% more XP per battle? Simply fulfill the following mission, it's repeatable — that means you can do it over and over and over (and over)...! You can also earn a special flag in observation of Paraguayan Independence ...
17.05.2019 21:00:02
Weekend Event: Hunt the Sheriff, Earn Gold!
Do you know about World of Tanks' Sheriff program? Want to earn 250 Gold for destroying a particular player's vehicle? Of course you do! This weekend is your chance to earn big in our special "Hunt the Sheriff" event! It's simple: Just destroy a vehicle ...
17.05.2019 17:00:02
Status Update: Ranked Battles 2019
Commanders! Ranked Battles 2019 was originally planned to be launched this month. However, after numerous tests, we have determined the current structure and mechanics of the system, combined with the density of planned in-game events, will not be optima...
17.05.2019 13:00:03
Transition From Launcher to Game Center
Tankers! We are transferring players to the Game Center and building a unified infrastructure for all projects in the universe. The transition will affect all games, and the next step for all tankers is transferring all Common...
14.05.2019 17:00:02
Vehicle Profile: IS-3A
When Update 1.3 was released, the Soviet IS-3A Tier VIII heavy tank received a major overhaul. Previously, it was widely regarded as "just an IS-3" clone. The "A" in IS-3A stood for "autoloader." Instead of an autoloader like the one in French vehicles, h...
10.05.2019 01:00:02
Free Stuff From the Forge in May!
Tankers! Welcome to our monthly contest that accepts tank-related creations! Sure, your main job is to destroy things, but here's your chance to make something — or at least demonstrate some creative skills! Here are some examples: Pas...
04.05.2019 01:00:01
This 4th is For You!
On May 25, 1977, a movie with no big-name stars opened in approximately 32 theaters in the United States. It quickly went on to break box-office records and became a cultural phenomenon. Today is the "official" day to celebrate that movie and everything r...
04.05.2019 01:00:01
Update 1.5 Compensation!
Tankers! When rolling out Update 1.5, downtime for NA was longer than anticipated. To compensate, we are giving Premium Account owners 1 DayWoT Premium Account. We apolgize for any inconvenience! Roll Out!...
30.04.2019 05:00:02
May Sneak Preview
THE FOLLOWING EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE! We've got 31 days packed with offers, specials, and more! Frontline: Episode 4, XP weekends, special vehicle offers, and "On Track" missions to a Tier X U.S. light tank, are some planned eve...
30.04.2019 01:00:02
Fair Play Policy: Updated List of Prohibited Mods
We're constantly studying your feedback in order to keep abreast of the most discussed topics within the community — mods. One of your biggest concerns is Fair Play and the use of so-called "cheat mods." These unauthorized third-party modifications ...
24.04.2019 17:00:01
Make a Donation, Get Access to an Exclusive Mission
8-Bit Salute is a year-round, season based, fundraising community. 8-Bit Salute unites thousands of gamers around the world in support of veterans, active-military and family members. Since kicking off in 2011, 8-Bit Salute has raised over $1.2 million. ...
17.04.2019 01:00:01
x5 XP Anniversary Weekend Celebration!
It's World of Tanks 8th anniversary! We couldn't have reached this milestone without our loyal players, so this weekend we have something special planned: Discounts galore, special missions, free Premium Account time, and much more! Attention On Track Pl...
12.04.2019 13:00:01
8th Anniversary Surprise! We've got something for you! To get you geared up for our 8th Anniversary x5 XP Weekend, we have a special pre-event gift:1 DayPremium Account You must redeem the following code April 10-18, 20:00 PT | 22:00 CT | 23:00 ET...
12.04.2019 01:00:02
Wargaming Store: American-Sized Deals!
While the American Challenge rages on, what better way to show the world your American can-do spirit than with some sweet Wargaming merch? Our pals at Wargaming EU are ringing the Liberty Bell with 50% off select American-themed items!  Make Un...
11.04.2019 05:00:02
World of Tanks Roll Out Collector's Edition
Looking to add some punishing steel to your bookshelf? For the first time, World of Tanks is getting a physical release! The World of Tanks Roll Out Collector's Edition comes with a smorgasbord of physical goods — a WoT-themed mouse, a sc...
11.04.2019 01:00:01
Excluded Maps: The First Details
One of the most commonly requested features is the ability to avoid a particular map in matchmaking. We're pleased to announce we're rolling out such a feature in Update 1.5! Now you can block one map of your choice and avoid it in the matchmaking queue. ...
04.04.2019 17:00:02
The American Challenge: Hunt the TS-5
Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner. Stock up on ammo and rework your loadouts, Commanders! This spring you can earn a new vehicle! Prepare for new levels of excitement when...
04.04.2019 05:00:01
The Improved Matchmaker Is Almost Here!
After a huge number of tests, both open and closed, and an especially successful open test in the European region, we are ready to launch the new matchmaker globally. On April 3, 2019, you can fully appreciate how the updated matchmaker changes battles qu...
02.04.2019 17:00:02

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