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World of Tanks news:

ATTENTION: Activate Holiday Ops Awards Before Feb. 6
Tankers! You must activate any awards from Holiday Ops. by Feb. 6, 2018. If not, they will be removed from your account. As the deadline approaches, you will receive notifications via the in-game client, which will provide links to activate your awards....
12.01.2018 01:00:02
January Overview – Happy New Year!
A new year means new deals, new vehicles, new missions, and more. We also have a barrage of new "On Track," Tank Mastery Missions, and Tank Rewards! All events subject to change. Premium Tank Sales January introduces two brand-new vehicles and puts two...
21.12.2017 21:00:04
Trade Old for New Vehicles!
Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner.   Got an old Premium tank building up dust? Here’s your chance to put it to some good use! From Oct. 19 to 31, you can trade in o...
16.12.2017 13:00:02
October Overview: Tanks That Go Bump in the Night
October on our side of the world is when things start to cool down, but World of Tanks is staying hot! We’ve got a British tank special, a new Premium tank destroyer, “Supply Raid” missions, the “Tank Hollow,” and much more! ...
16.12.2017 13:00:02
WGLNA: Regional Finals Broadcast
Cash. Glory. A spot at the Grand Finals in Moscow. It’s all on the line.  Four contenders clash at Burbank, and only one will triumph! Will last season’s champs Elevate (formerly APEX) continue their reign?  Find out by watching ...
16.12.2017 13:00:02
Halloween: Welcome to the Realm of Fallen Tanks
With Halloween on the way, the veil between this world and the land of the dead wanes. On the other side, a storm is gathering. The ruler of the armored afterlife, the prime tank Leviathan, rolls slowly across its shattered domain. Countless souls of fall...
16.12.2017 09:00:04
Fair Play Policy Update
To cut down on players using prohibited mods and gaining an unfair advantage in combat, we gave 264 accounts a first and only warning, and banned 71 players who continued to disobey our Fair Play Policy. We will continue to monitor battle stats and identi...
16.12.2017 09:00:04
Meet Your WGLNA Season II Champions
1 / 5 ...
16.12.2017 09:00:04
Halloween Special: Stop Leviathan’s Invasion!
Take up arms! Leviathan and its army are marching toward the Gate. Don't let them break through and take over the world. Jump in on the action starting today through to November 9. Send Leviathan back where it came from, and earn rewards along the way! &...
16.12.2017 05:00:01
The "New" Newcomer’s Guide
We’re excited to share with you a completely overhauled Newcomer’s Guide for the World of Tanks PC website. Find tools to help you become a master tanker like comprehensive breakdowns of important game features, and interactive diagrams with v...
16.12.2017 05:00:01
The 2017 WGL Grand Finals Head to Moscow
SCHEDULE | FAN BUNDLE | PARTNERS Get Details  The Wargaming League prepares for the 2017 Grand Finals! Champions from across the world will converge upon the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow to brawl for glory and a $300,000 prize pool! Schedule Grou...
16.12.2017 05:00:01
Tank Rewards for November: Giving Thanks
Tank Rewards' unique November twist lives up to the month’s big holiday! Though you can keep achievements purchased with Tank Rewards Points for yourself, you can also choose to give a separate bundle of goodies to any registered World of Tanks user...
16.12.2017 01:00:02
Carve Pumpkins, Win Candy in the Hallow-Stream
Prepare to get down with the spookiness! On October 27, the fine folks from Wargaming's Community team converge upon Twitch for tricks and treats galore. Jump in on the fun with pumpkin carving, AMAs, real candy prizes, and more! WATCH ON TWITCH! Hallow...
16.12.2017 01:00:02
Win Big in the Grand Finals Fantasy Contest
Following the Grand Finals? Build your dream team for a chance to win big!  We’re running two different contests. The first will be for the Group Stages happening May 23 and 24, followed by the second contest for the Playoffs...
16.12.2017 01:00:02
Run Tanksgiving Marathons for Premium Tanks
Play a new series of missions and you could unlock a tier VIII Premium “shadow” tank. Get either the German Schwarzpanzer 58, U.S. T34 B, or Soviet IS-6 B; each has a distinct marathon series with 20 daily missions, but you only need to c...
15.12.2017 21:00:04
A Month of Tanksgiving
The holidays are in the air, and for World of Tanks, that means deals! On top of Black Friday Premium offers, we have “To Give or Not to Give” Tank Rewards, three(!) On Track missions, three marathons, Project VALOR charity emblems, and much m...
15.12.2017 21:00:04
The Final Clash Approaches
  WATCH LIVE PLAYOFFS SCHEDULE UPDATE (May 26, 2017) The smoke has cleared from the Group Stage matches and only one North America team, Elevate, remains! Can they weather the storm of this weekend's Playoffs?     Find out on Satu...
15.12.2017 21:00:04
Revenge of the XP Weekend: x2 Crew + Conversion
Get x2 Crew XP all weekend long with a new conversion rate bonus! XP Conversion | x2 Crew XP Weekend XP Conversion Nov. 17-20, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) Bonus for Exchanging XP to Free XP: 1 Gold = 35 Free XP x2 Crew XP Weekend Nov. 17-20, 04...
15.12.2017 17:00:03
Personal Missions, Advances, and War Games: Temporarily Out of Commission
Tankers, Personal Missions are temporarily disabled due to technical difficulties. We are working on a resolution and will update players once we have more information. Furthermore, due to technical difficulties, we are taking Advances and War Game...
15.12.2017 17:00:03
Meet Your 2017 Grand Champions: Tornado Energy
Tornado Energy capped off a fantastic year in the Wargaming League with a one-sided 7-2 victory over former EU Champions DING. They will take home their share of the $300,000 prize pool as well as the title of WGL 2017 Global Champions. Tornado Energy's ...
15.12.2017 17:00:03

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