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World of Tanks news:

Frontline 2019: Episode 2 Ends!
Attention! Frontline 2019: Episode 2 is over — thanks to everyone who participated! Please share your feedback in our Forum: FORUM Episode 3 starts April 15 — please see the Regulations page for complete information: FRONT...
18.03.2019 09:00:02
New Improvements to the Wargaming Game Center
The Wargaming Game Center (WGC) is our game launcher, which contains all your favourite Wargaming titles and makes sure they’re ready to play when you are. Here you'll find all important information regarding the game and news about upcoming feature...
04.03.2019 17:00:01
Tank Madness: Tier VI Nation Round Robin
Welcome to the month-long Tank Madness: Tier VI Round Robin — here's your chance to earn a x2 XP weekend and represent your favorite nation in the game! You can redeem nation codes starting Monday, March 4 at 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET Note: U...
03.03.2019 21:00:03
March Sneak Preview
THE FOLLOWING EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE! The month of St. Patrick's Day, March is filled with offers, events, specials, and much more! For starters, we've got the ongoing Challenge on Wheels for the brand-new Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), Fro...
28.02.2019 01:00:02
The Challenge on Wheels Rolls Out
Subtitles in our supported languages are also available by clicking on the icon in the bottom-right corner.   Mark your calendars: The Challenge on Wheels kicks off February 21th! Complete it and you’ll earn yourself a unique Tier VI...
19.02.2019 17:00:02
Frontline: Episode 1 Ends!
Attention! Frontline: Episode 1 has ended — thanks to everyone who participated! Please share your feedback in our Forum: FORUM Frontline: Episode 2 kicks off on March 11 — please see the Regulations page for complete information: ...
18.02.2019 09:00:03
x4 XP Presidents' Day Weekend
Monday, Feb. 18 is Presidents' Day! To celebrate George Washington's birthday, we've assembled a lineup of bonuses and discounts that last all weekend. x4 XP for Presidents' Day Weekend Feb. 15-19, 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET x4 ...
15.02.2019 13:00:02
x3 Crew XP & Weekend Missions
Your Crew takes care of you on the battlefield, so show them a little love in return by earning x3 Crew XP and other goodies in these weekend missions!  Crew XP & February Supply Raid Missions Feb. 8-11, 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 0...
09.02.2019 01:00:02
Special Sherman Bundle Offer and Missions
General William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) coined the phrase, "war is hell," and he's best known for his exploits during the U.S. Civil War, such as capturing the Georgia cities of Altanta and Savannah. His moniker also graces the famed Sherma...
08.02.2019 13:00:03
Twitch Prime: Redeem Your Care Packages!
Have you received the loot from your Twitch Care Package yet? The exclusive Twitch Prime offer is no longer available, but those of you who already claimed the offer but have yet to redeem the Care Packages can still do so! But the redemption p...
04.02.2019 13:00:02
Earn Boosters and other Goodies in the Scavenger Hunt!
Do you want more Boosters than you know what to do with? The January Scavenger Hunt is in progress with the February Hunt waiting to commence! Huh? Wait — what is this? Each month, codes are available across all our Social Channels, as well as our...
01.02.2019 17:00:01
French Offers Roll Into the Wargaming Store
Commanders! Wheeled vehicles will soon roll into the French Tech. Tree, so get ready for action with a brand-new French T-Shirt to celebrate their arrival! To amp it up, profit from up to 45% off some of our favorite French products. JUMP ON T...
01.02.2019 01:00:03
February Sneak Preview
The following events are subject to change without notice! The month of Valentine's Day, February is filled with events, offers, specials, and much more! In addition to Update 1.4's roll-out, we've got a chance to score a sweet Credit discount on a Frenc...
30.01.2019 01:00:03
Vehicle Trade-In: VolumeĀ 6
Vehicle Trade-In: Volume 6 Jan. 25-Feb. 8, 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET Are You Eligible? You can trade in a Tier VI-VIII Premium tank when you buy a new Premium vehicle from the Tech. Tree of the same or higher Tier. When trading in, ...
29.01.2019 01:00:03
Special 72-Hour Offer: FCM 36 Pak 40
During World War II, repurposing captured vehicles was common practice. The French B1 heavy tank, for instance, was captured by the Germans and converted into the Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f). The same was true for the French FCM 36 light tank. In 1943, almost a d...
26.01.2019 09:00:02
Update 1.4: Common Test 3 is Here!
Commanders, We've spent  a lot of time monitoring wheeled vehicles and how you play them. When necessary, we responded by changing their particular characteristics (top speed, for instance). During the tests, we observed one thing: the Boost mechan...
26.01.2019 05:00:02
x2 Crew XP & Weekend Missions
Your Crew takes care of you on the battlefield, so show them a little love in return by earning x2 Crew XP and other goodies in these weekend missions! x2 Crew XP & Supply Raid Missions Jan 25-28, 03:20 PT | 05:20 CT | 06:20 ET ...
26.01.2019 01:00:02
Frontline Returns!
In the first quarter of 2019, Frontline will return to World of Tanks! This time your favorite game mode has received a slight revamp making it more enjoyable than ever. We've tried to keep the friendly and relaxing atmosphere, where you can play ju...
25.01.2019 17:00:01
Improvements to Personal Missions & Reward Tanks
At the end of 2018, in Update 1.3, we slightly adjusted the missions of the first operation of the Second Front campaign. We simplified the conditions of more than 30 tasks that, according to your feedback and our stats, seemed rather complicated. Over t...
24.01.2019 13:00:02
Special Missions: Battle of Anzio
It began on January 22, 1944, with an amphibious landing to break German's Gustav Line in Italy. After a months-long stalemate, Allied forces finally achieved their objective and drove Axis forces north. To observe the event, we've got a series of missio...
22.01.2019 17:00:02

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