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World of Tanks news:

Weekend Specials: TurĂ¡n III, Slot Discounts and More
And earn a lucky clover this Friday the 13th!
12.01.2017 13:00:02
Some Assembly Required at
Play Swedish tanks, earn points, and be rewarded!
12.01.2017 05:00:02
The First Clash Approaches!
WGLNA Gold League Season 2 premieres Tuesday!
10.01.2017 17:00:02
Fantasy League is Back!
Assemble your dream team of WGLNA legends for a shot at tanks and Gold!
07.01.2017 13:00:02
Show Your Tank Mastery in 2017
Show us your prowess in the tanks of the week to get an ace emblem.
06.01.2017 13:00:02
WGLNA Gold League Season II Premieres!
A new caster and the return of Fantasy League step into the spotlight!
05.01.2017 01:00:02
Earn Multiple Garage Slots with the L-60!
Plus, get a "New Year 2017" medal when you win!
02.01.2017 13:00:02
January Overview: What the New Year Brings!
What's heading your way next month? Find out!
30.12.2016 21:00:03
Wishing You a Happy 2017 with Discounts and XP!
Ring in the New Year with World of Tanks!
28.12.2016 17:00:02
More Mastery at!
All-new missions for the Tanksmas season!
23.12.2016 13:00:02
Tanksmas Specials
Merry Tanksmas from World of Tanks!
22.12.2016 17:00:01
Tank Rewards Points With Tank Mastery
And give your Crews some extra love this weekend.
16.12.2016 13:00:03
Holiday Ops
Complete festive missions for loads of presents starting December 16!
15.12.2016 17:00:02
WGLNA Gold League Qualifier
Details on your favorite teams and the Moscow Rumble.
14.12.2016 01:00:03
Master Tanks for TankRewards Points!
Unlock prizes as a true tank master.
09.12.2016 13:00:02
Top Tankers: Winners Revealed
Rewards will be credited by December 7.
02.12.2016 17:00:02
This Week's TankRewards Missions: Tank Mastery
Become a tank master to unlock cool prizes.
02.12.2016 05:00:02
Give a Child a Decemeber to Remember at
Plus, unlock awesome prizes!
01.12.2016 01:00:01
December Overview: Holiday Cheer and Tanks
Get a rundown of what the final month of 2016 holds.
28.11.2016 21:00:03
"Tanksgiving" TankRewards: Heavy Tank Week
Plus, master any of the featured tanks for an extra point!
25.11.2016 13:00:02

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