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RIFT news:

Unicorns Return to RIFT Aug. 6-12
Giddy-up: Unicornalia returns to RIFT Aug. 6-12! Unicorns from the Plane of Life are whinnying themselves hoarse in fear for their lives! Prepare to assist the PRI in rescuing these stunning steeds by completing special Unicornalia event quests. In ret...
06.08.2015 21:00:01
Nightmare Saga: Act 2 is Live
Orphiel Farwind has opened a portal to the past. Uncover the key to ending his reign in the second act of The Nightmare Saga – now live! In Part 2 of the Nightmare Saga, you’ll follow Orphiel on a journey through pivotal moments in Telaran his...
31.07.2015 05:00:01
RIFT Behind the Scenes: Stephen “Drakcoon” Mabee
Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver sits down with Senior Concept Artist Stephen “Drakcoon” Mabee to talk about art, RIFT, and Planetouched Wilds! Ocho: Could you introduce yourself? SM: Hi, I’m Stephen Mabee, Senior Concept A...
28.07.2015 21:00:01
Get the Inside Scoop on Assault Mode
Be among the first to discover all the details of the new Warfront mode and map coming in RIFT: Into the Wilds! Read on for more information and join us for our live stream and playtest! Assault Mode: The ebb and flow of battle can be intense, and our n...
24.07.2015 05:00:01
RIFT is Overrun with Razorbacks! Round ‘em up July 23-29
Razorbacks are going hog wild in RIFT! Now through July 29, you’ll have a chance to get a brand-new mount by helping terrified Telarans fend off these predatory pigs. Get to wrasslin’ and wranglin’ while completing Instant Adventures and ...
24.07.2015 05:00:01
Going to Gamescom or PAX Prime? See you there!
Trion Worlds welcomes you to community parties at Gamescom and PAX Prime: Come on in and hang out with our Devs and Community Managers – have a drink on us and celebrate all of our games: RIFT, ArcheAge, Trove, Defiance, and now… Devilian! Ad...
21.07.2015 05:00:02
New Nightmare Thresher with $100 Credit Pack Purchase
A rare-spawn Nightmare Thresher Mount is surfacing from the Plane of Water in RIFT 3.3. From now until July 31, players who purchase a $100 Credit Pack in-game will also receive this special terror from the deep. Rest assured: it may look like a nightma...
16.07.2015 05:00:03
RIFT 3.3 is Live – The Nightmare Saga Begins
Dig into the mysteries of the Nightmare Saga, aid Cosmologist Mann in setting Tarken Glacier right, and craft amazing new armor and weapons in RIFT 3.3: Waking Nightmares! The Nightmare Saga Begins Embark on a brand-new Saga Quest revealing the origins ...
16.07.2015 05:00:03
Who Wants Free Patron Time? YOU do! Log in to RIFT July 17-19!
As a big thank you to all of our loyal players, anyone who logs in to RIFT between 12:01 AM Pacific July 17 and and 11:59 PM Pacific July 19 will be granted 3 free days of Patron Time! It’s that simple, just log in at least once within the above ti...
14.07.2015 05:00:01
Preview RIFT 3.3: Waking Nightmares
Sleep no more, Ascended, for the tortured visions haunting your nights only tighten Arak’s grip over Telara. The Lord of Nightmares, who peers into your darkest memories and gives flesh to fear, stirs in cold depths of Draumheim! RIFT 3.3: Waking N...
10.07.2015 05:00:02
Head to the Races for Budgie Week! July 9-15
Budgie Madness is back in Telara! If there’s only one thing that the Planar Research Institute loves more than the meticulous study of temporal anomalies, it’s Budgies. And from July 9-15 they’re hosting a new week of races starring yo...
10.07.2015 05:00:02
Gilded Prophecy Revealed!
Join us on the Trion Twitch Stream on Friday, July 10 at 12:30 PM Pacific for an in depth look at the upcoming Gilded Prophecy raid and more! Eric “Ocho” Cleaver, RIFT Community Manager, will chat with members of the RIFT Raid team including D...
09.07.2015 05:00:02
Waking Nightmares Brings Planar Crafting to Telara
After meticulous study of strange temporal anomalies forming in Tarken Glacier, a bounty of new materials has been discovered that should make every profession rejoice! These coveted components hail from the space between the planes, in icy Tarken expan...
02.07.2015 05:00:01
Instant Adventure in Tarken Glacier
Once, Cosmologist Mann was the brightest scholar of planar phenomena in the universe – a leader among his peers. Nary a beam of light nor celestial body existed that he could not name. His curiosity knew no bounds, and yet, his gaze reached too far....
27.06.2015 05:00:02
Temporal Rifts Reopen June 25 – July 1
Temporal abnormalities are returning to Telara June 25 – July 1! Help study (and combat) these dangerous phenomena while completing daily quests to receive special loot, mounts, and more. Gain access to Temporal Flux Vaults, earned through quests a...
26.06.2015 05:00:02
Nightmare Saga Preview
Restless in the depths of the Plane of Water, Lord Arak awaits. He knows the fears that lurk in the memories of every Ascended, seizing the visions from their fevered nightmares and giving them breath. Does your mind merely fret in the midst of a fitful ...
23.06.2015 05:00:01
Save 50-75% with our Best-Ever Summer Sale
Summer’s just started, but the clock is already ticking on our best-ever sale on legendary Soul Packs, Expansion Packs, and more. Visit the Glyph store to load up on new Souls, Minions, Mounts, Patron time, and tons of extras now through June 21!* ...
12.06.2015 05:00:01
Summerfest 2015 is coming June 12!
Gather your lures and pack your bags! Summerfest returns to Telara June 12 – July 1 along with scavenger hunts, fishing, exploring, companions, and new cosmetic items fit for a season of fun in the sun. Dive into new scavenger hunts across Goboro ...
12.06.2015 05:00:01
Unicorns Return – For a Limited Time!
The majestic unicorns of Wyredode are riding once more through RIFT! Get started (or pick up where you left off) in our latest Unicornalia event by visiting the PRI reps in capital cities. (Don’t linger – they’re only here through June ...
05.06.2015 05:00:02
50% Bonus Weekend Starts Now
Kick off your weekend in RIFT with 50% bonus XP through May 31. Whether you’re battling through Hammerknell with Instant Adventures or leveling a stable of alts, it’s the perfect time to rack up experience (includes PA levels as well!)....
30.05.2015 05:00:02

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