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League of Legends news:

How Do Teams Qualify for Worlds 2017?
An explanation of how teams from all regions can qualify for Worlds 2017.
18.08.2017 17:00:02
Rift Rivals Hits the Rift
Show your support for the upcoming regional grudge matches by purchasing a Rift Rivals icon for 1 IP in the store and take home an exclusive icon if your region wins.
29.06.2017 17:00:02
Maryville University is your 2017 College Champion
Maryville beat University of Toronto, 3-1, in the 2017 League of Legends College Championship. Maryville previously beat University of British Columbia and Robert Morris to reach the finals. Maryville was the Campus Series North region champs to reach the college championship at NA LCS Arena.
29.05.2017 07:00:12
2017 College Championship – Semifinals Recap
Catch up on all the action from the third day of the League of Legends College Championship.
28.05.2017 17:00:03
2017 College Championship – Semifinals Recap
Catch up on all the action from the second day of the League of Legends College Championship.
27.05.2017 17:00:03
2017 College Championship - Quarterfinals Recap
Catch up on all the plays, upsets and results from the opening round of the League of Legends College Championship.
26.05.2017 21:00:04
Music of the 2017 College Championship
In celebration of the 2017 League of Legends College Championship here are three League of Legends favorites...with a college twist!
25.05.2017 21:00:04
Two more chances to grab an MSI Capsule
Get guaranteed esports skin shards, improved gemstone rolls, and more before MSI 2017 is over.
10.05.2017 21:00:01
The College Championship Bracket is Set!
League of Legends College Championship features eight teams - Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon, University of Toronto, Simon Fraser, Maryville, UBC, Maryland and Robert Morris - and starts on May 25. Tickets on sale for semifinals on May 26 and 27 and May 28 final!
20.04.2017 21:00:05
Spring Split: 10 bans in pro-play
Five months ago, we mentioned that we were taking a look on how a 10 ban system would work. We are introducing it up into Pro-play starting this split, more news about regular play yet to come.
05.01.2017 21:00:03
Win a gaming chair used throughout Worlds 2016!
Join in the Riot Impact Challenge by October 31 and you’ll enter a separate drawing for a gaming chair used at Worlds!
26.10.2016 02:00:01
The Worlds Finalists are set
One team booked their ticket to the 2016 World Championship Finals as H2K took on Samsung Galaxy.
23.10.2016 07:00:02
A Semifinal for the ages
SKT took on ROX in a Best of 5 series that will go down as one of the best in Worlds history.
22.10.2016 07:00:01
4 Takeaways from Quarterfinals
On the Rift, the Worlds meta seemed to stabilize even more as teams continued to demonstrate their mastery. As Worlds departs Chicago, we leave with a few lessons.
17.10.2016 17:00:09
Worlds Semifinalists are set!
The Semifinal matchups are set in stone as H2K and ANX wrapped up the Quarterfinals. Find out who's heading to New York City and what the last Semifinalist had to say about his teams chances in the Big Apple.
17.10.2016 07:00:02
Takeaways from Quarters Day 3
One team dominated Day 3 of Worlds Quarterfinals and hopes to be a monster for upcoming opponents.
16.10.2016 07:00:02
Takeaways from Quarters Day 2
Day 2 of Worlds Quarterfinals featured a battle between two teams with very different styles.
15.10.2016 07:00:02
Top dead: Quarterfinals Day 1
Two teams clashed in the first Quarterfinals match of Worlds 2016, but one proved to be superior at every turn.
14.10.2016 07:00:01
King Me -- Meet SSG Crown
Crown is Samsung Galaxy’s mid laner and one of the most hyped newcomers to the Worlds stage. Off the stage, though, he’s a little quieter. We follow him as he interacts with fans.
14.10.2016 02:00:02
Takeaways from Group B
All eight teams are locked for Quarterfinals with Group B finishing its action today. Here's what we learned from this exciting group!
10.10.2016 07:00:07

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