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League of Legends news:

Patch 9.14 Notes
Introducing counter-mechanics to champions and welcoming the new and improved Death Recap.
16.07.2019 21:00:04
Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 notes
Twisted Fate, the ranked beta season, and a whole host of balance changes and bug fixes come to the convergence.
16.07.2019 21:00:04
9.14: Lore Update
We’re back to Ixtal to learn more about Qiyana and Malphite in this week’s Lore Update!
16.07.2019 17:00:01
Teamfight Tactics Showdown Roster and Prizes
Check out which streamers will be battling in our first-ever Twitch Rivals: TFT Showdown.
08.07.2019 21:00:03
TFT Updates and the Road Ahead
Learn about TFT’s updates based on your feedback and glimpse at what’s coming in the next few weeks.
04.07.2019 17:00:01
TFT added to ARCADE Event Pass
Pass holders can now earn tokens through TFT!
02.07.2019 17:00:01
Teamfight Tactics Showdown
Watch the top Teamfight Tactics streamers battle it out in our first-ever TFT tournament.
01.07.2019 21:00:03
New free champion rotation: Riven, Kayn, Lucian, and more!
This is the last free rotation article. Moving forward, free rotation info lives in the client.
01.07.2019 21:00:03
Teamfight Tactics Gameplay Guide
Read up on the gameplay fundamentals of League's newest mode.
25.06.2019 21:00:02
Patch 9.13 notes
Be the last person standing in Teamfight Tactics and welcome Qiyana to Summoner's Rift
25.06.2019 21:00:02
New free champion rotation: Akali, Draven, Lissandra, and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
24.06.2019 21:00:05
Norway: Pay by mobile? You’re about to get more RP!
From Thursday, June 27, a new pricing structure will go live in Norway that gives players more RP per payment.
21.06.2019 17:00:02
New free champion rotation: Brand, Gnar, Vi, and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
17.06.2019 21:00:05
Patch 9.12 notes
Mordekaiser rises from the afterworld and Ryze, Sylas, and Yuumi get changes.
11.06.2019 21:00:04
Saved Login Credentials Coming Soon
Get into game easier with an upcoming update to League of Legends.
11.06.2019 17:00:02
New free champion rotation: Annie, Olaf, Twitch and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
10.06.2019 21:00:03
Teamfight Tactics
Introducing Teamfight Tactics.
10.06.2019 17:00:01
9.12: Lore Update
This week’s lore update takes us deep into the jungle as we uncover the mysteries of Ixtal!
08.06.2019 17:00:02
The House Triumphant
The Trials are complete, and we have our winner. See the final standings here.
06.06.2019 21:00:03
Rep Pride Through Patch 9.13
We heard you! The Rainbow Fluft Icon’s homeguard animation and profile background will remain active through Pride Month until the end of patch 9.13.
04.06.2019 21:00:03

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