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Starcraft 2 news:

Blizzard at gamescom 2018 Website and App are Live
Find out how you can enjoy the Blizzard experience at gamescom, in Cologne and from home!
17.08.2018 18:12:01
StarCraft II 4.5.1 Patch Notes
We’ve added all new weekly Mutations with our latest patch.
14.08.2018 18:12:03
Blizzard Gear at gamescom 2018
Those at gamescom and at home will be able to get their hands on some brand-new and convention-exclusive merchandise.
13.08.2018 09:12:01
BlizzCon® 2018 – Third Ticket Sale Added!
Hoping to attend BlizzCon this year but didn’t manage to snag a ticket during the first two sales? You’re in luck—a third ticket sale is scheduled for Saturday, August 18 at 19:00 CEST
08.08.2018 18:12:01
StarCraft II 4.5.0 Patch Notes
We’re getting ready to launch the next War Chest with Patch 4.5.0
08.08.2018 00:12:04
War Chest Season 3 Preview
The Season 3 War Chest is overflowing with new cosmetics.
02.08.2018 15:12:01
GSL vs. The World Viewer’s Guide
The star-studded event should offer the best international action this side of BlizzCon.
01.08.2018 15:12:01
New Versus Maps for Season 3, 2018
The maps for the next season are now available!
31.07.2018 18:12:04
Celebrating StarCraft II’s Eighth Anniversary
Eight years of the best community and we’re still going strong.
23.07.2018 18:12:02
StarCraft II 4.4.1 Patch Notes
Patch 4.4.1 brings bug fixes for Co-op Missions and more.
17.07.2018 18:12:01
WCS Valencia Viewer’s Guide
The talent, the times and the streams in your language are all here.
10.07.2018 09:12:01
Blizzard European Gear Store Grand Opening
The Blizzard Gear Store is open in Europe!
25.06.2018 15:12:01
StarCraft II 4.4.0 Patch Notes
Our latest patch brings our newest Co-op Mission as well as Co-op Balance changes.
22.06.2018 00:12:01
StarCraft II Summer Sale 2018
We’re offering big discounts on the Story Campaign, Co-op Commanders, and more!
20.06.2018 18:12:04
Patch 4.4.0 Preview: Cradle of Death
Adapted from TheSkunk’s Rock the Cabinet submission, Cradle of Death is coming in patch 4.4.0
19.06.2018 18:12:05
Blizzard Dance and Cosplay Contests at gamescom 2018
Our world-famous dance and cosplay contests will be back this year at gamescom 2018. Visit the Blizzard booth in Hall 7 of the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany from August 21-25, and don’t miss your chance to take part! You’ll find the details below.
15.06.2018 15:12:02
WCS Austin Viewer’s Guide
The talent, the times and the streams in your language are all here.
01.06.2018 09:12:01
BlizzCon 2018 Benefit Dinner Tickets Sold Out
Tickets to this year’s BlizzCon Benefit Dinner for CHOC Children’s are now sold out—stay tuned for more information on the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket in the coming months.
17.05.2018 03:12:03
New Ladder Maps for Season 2, 2018
Season 2 brings new 1v1 and Team maps to the ladder.
16.05.2018 00:12:01
StarCraft II Balance Update – May 15, 2018
Changes to the Marauder, Raven, and Viking in the latest balance update.
15.05.2018 18:12:02

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