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Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft guides:

Black Montain Heroic Guide - Grim Guzzler 1 [Mage]
Cost: 360 dust. Cheap strategy versus Grim Guzzler.
12.05.2015 09:58:18
Black Montain Heroic Guide - Heroic Dark Iron Arena 2 [Priest]
HC Dark Iron Arena completed. I only used priest spells and minions. You will need --> LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY and LUCKY
22.05.2015 13:22:18

Hearthstone - Heroes of Warcraft news:

Hearthstone Update – September 18
In this Hearthstone update we are making balance changes to several cards.
19.09.2017 02:02:01
Snag Your BlizzCon® 2017 Virtual Ticket
Get closer to BlizzCon than ever with expanded stage coverage, in-game goodies, and pre-show video content—starting today!
14.09.2017 02:02:01
Grab Your Epic BlizzCon® 2017 Goody Bag
Mark BlizzCon 2017 in style with this year’s BlizzCon Goody Bag, packed with Blizzard collectibles.
14.09.2017 02:02:01
Top Hearthstone Players – August 2017
The final results for Hearthstone Ranked Standard, Wild, and Arena play in August are in!
13.09.2017 02:02:01
Hearthstone Global Games Infographic
Check out our infographic to find out what we discovered!
11.09.2017 17:02:01
The Tavern is Open for Oktoberbrawl!
Everyone, get in here! Oktoberbrawl has just started, and you’d better jump in or your team is going to lose out.
11.09.2017 17:02:01
Watch the 2017 HCT Summer Championship in Los Angeles
The Hearthstone® Championship Tour makes its last circuit stop of 2017 in sunny Southern California!
07.09.2017 17:02:01
Get Ready to Rumble in Oktoberbrawl!
Drain your tankard, choose a side, and get ready to rumble in OKTOBERBRAWL! This is your chance to leap into the fray and help decide who comes out on top!
06.09.2017 17:02:01
Upcoming Balance Changes - Update 9.1
In an upcoming update, we will be making balance changes to select Hearthstone cards.
05.09.2017 21:02:02
Play in South Korea’s First Hearthstone Major
Pack your bags and get ready to blaze a trail into South Korea! The Korea Major takes place from September 29 to October 1, 2017.
05.09.2017 07:02:01
September 2017 Ranked Play Season – Furious Frost Knights!
Revenge is a dish best served ice cold, so add the Frost Knight card back to your collection by playing Hearthstone during the month of September.
01.09.2017 12:02:01
Watch the New Hearthstone Animated Short: Hearth and Home
Watch Hearthstone’s latest short, Hearth and Home, to join Ava as she discovers why Hearthstone is home!
23.08.2017 17:02:01
Let the BlizzCon 2017 Contest Registration Begin!
The time has come to exhibit your masterful movies, astonishing art, carefully crafted costumes, and terrific talents for a chance at BlizzCon 2017 glory! Head over to our Contest pages to submit your entry and learn more about the epic prizes up for grabs this year.
19.08.2017 02:02:01
Fireside Gathering Features – Now Live!
Fireside Gatherings are about to be bigger and better than ever! It’s going to get easier to find local gatherings, support and build up your local Tavern, and even play exclusive Fireside Brawls!
18.08.2017 17:02:01
Blizzard Entertainment at gamescom 2017
Blizzard is heading back to Cologne, Germany next week for gamescom 2017! The event takes place from August 22–26, and we’ll be there to put on our best show yet.
17.08.2017 17:02:01
Grab Some Loot at Our gamescom 2017 Store
We can’t wait to get our geek on at gamescom 2017! If you’re headed to Cologne and are looking to celebrate your favorite Blizzard games at the show, be sure to stop by our store in Hall 5 to pick up some epic merchandise, including brand-new and convention-exclusive products.
17.08.2017 17:02:01
Blizzard Update
The online-gaming service was never going away, but after giving the branding change further consideration and also hearing your feedback, we’re in agreement that the name should stay as well.
16.08.2017 12:02:03
Arise, Knights of the Frozen Throne!
Knights of the Frozen Throne has arrived! Card packs can be purchased and opened now!
11.08.2017 02:02:01
Blizzard at Gamescom: Live Streamers Announced!
The world’s biggest game convention is almost upon us! Those who can’t make it to gamescom in person will be able to join the excitement thanks to well-known streamers catching the action on the show floor, bringing you news and enjoying chats with the development team on site.
10.08.2017 17:02:01
Icecrown Tours - Part 3
In which the Lich King himself bears news for the hard-working denizens of the citadel.
09.08.2017 17:02:01

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