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Guild Wars 2 news » Knock ‘Em Dead with Zafirah’s Tactical Outfit

    Zafirah’s Package


    This package contains everything you need to dress with a vengeance: Zafirah’s Tactical Outfit, Zafirah’s Rifle Skin, an Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice, a Total Makeover Kit, and five Elonian Landscape Dye Kits.

    Zafirah’s Tactical Outfit
    A dignified ensemble inspired by the priestess Zafirah, featuring flexible studded leather and reinforced knee protection. Settle down at your favorite lookout point and pick off your enemies in style and comfort.


    Zafirah’s Rifle Skin
    While you’ve got the high ground, scope out your foes with this deadly rifle. Please remember that it’s mean to target your friends with it, even if they make high-pitched noises when the sight hits them.

    What’s in Stock


    We’re refreshing our seasonal inventory of gathering tools and miniatures this week. Keep an eye on the Gem Store to pick up the ones you’ve been waiting to grab—or waiting to see again!

    Returning This Week

    • Rival Skies Package
    • God-Slayer Bow Pack
    • Mist Herald Back Item Skin Set

    Leaving Soon!

    • Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin
    • Enchanted Dragon Crown Package
    • Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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