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Guild Wars 2 news » Watch the Tournament of Glory Finals this weekend for a chance to win...

Hundreds of teams signed up for the Tournament of Glory one month ago, and after four harrowing qualifiers, we’re down to the top eight teams per region. This weekend the top players in Guild Wars 2 will be fighting not only for the exclusive Glorious Hero’s armor, but also for pride and respect – something that does not come easily or without great sacrifice. For these teams, ultimate victory is a mere three tournament rounds away.

Schedule and Livestream Information

October 11 – European Tournament of Glory Finals
9:00 a.m. PDT (12:00 p.m. EDT, 16:00 UTC)

October 12 – North American Tournament of Glory Finals
12:00 p.m. PDT (3:00 p.m. EDT, 19:00 UTC)

To celebrate this weekend’s tournament, we’ll have a few goodies lined up for our players and viewers. For starters, make sure to tune into the tournament livestreams and pay attention to Twitch chat for a chance to win a precursor of your choice or a cute and cuddly Mini Llama. These giveaways will be on every language’s stream, so show some support for your favorite hosts!

Additionally, for the entire weekend of the event we’ll be enabling the “Call of the Mists” bonus in PvP maps. This bonus grants all players +10% increased PvP rank point gain, +15% reward track progress, and an additional +100% magic find while in Heart of the Mists (and yes, this works on all reward track boxes). This is the perfect time to jump into PvP for the first time and maybe grab some cool rewards while you’re at it!

Tournament of Glory Finals
North American Teams European Teams
Hashtag Believe Read it Backwards
APeX Prime Cheese Mode
Sharks with Lazers Peanut Butter Jelly Times
Cognitive Gaming High Impact
The Abjured Made in Meta
Evil Villains Realize U Got No Real Life
Team Blacklisted Erotic Solitude Legends
The Uncivilized Rough Boys The Civilized Gentlemen

Teams to Watch Out For

North America

APeX Prime – With a team history that includes first place in the inaugural Tournament of Legends, as well as second place in Tournament of Legends 2, APeX Prime is sure to be a strong contender in this weekend’s event. Their craving to regain the throne will be an undeniable boost to this team’s performance this weekend.

The Abjured – This volatile team has taken the North American competitive scene by storm, going nearly undefeated in recent scrimmages and Team Arena matches. If this group can manage to keep their tempers under wraps they’re destined to go far (perhaps too often).

The Uncivilized Rough Boys – A team that has flown under the radar in recent weeks, The Uncivilized Rough Boys (the apparent arch nemesis of Europe’s The Civilized Gentlemen) are a wildcard. This team is focused on precise and tactical engagements, with enough coordinated burst damage to take down an elder dragon in three seconds flat.



The Civilized Gentlemen – The undisputed kings of the European competitive scene, The Civilized Gentlemen have a long history of success under their belt, including the Tournament of Legends, the MLG Guild Wars 2 Invitational, and the International All-Stars Tournament. Their refined team strategy and individual skill makes them the team to beat this weekend.

Cheese Mode – With a stacked roster of skilled players, Cheese Mode’s team fight and skirmishing potential is second to none. Even though the team has endured a few roster changes over the past few weeks, don’t discount their ability to adapt and improvise at a moment’s notice.

Made in Meta – Made in Meta has been around for a very long time in various iterations, always a top competitor. In 2013, they claimed the number one spot in Curse’s Masters of the Mists tournament, as well as the ESL Test Cup. We’re looking forward to watching Made in Meta reclaim their former glory.

Beyond the Tournament of Glory Finals

All of the teams in the Tournament of Glory Finals, assuming they are eligible, have also earned invitations to the World Tournament Series Invitational Qualifier that takes place on October 25 and 26. Consider the Tournament of Glory Finals as an early preview of that action!

See you there!

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