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Heroes of the Storm news » New Skins and Bundles Available Now!

Kick your Collection into overdrive with the new bundles, mounts, and skins that entered the Nexus with our August 8 patch! Check out the StarCrossed and Mad Axe Garrosh bundles below, and then head to the Featured tab in your Collection to pick up anything that catches your eye.

StarCrossed Bundle

Whether you back the Terrans, Protoss, or Zerg, the new StarCrossed Bundle's got something for everyone: Forge a psionic link with the Khala and experience true power as Templar Li-Ming, don some Terran heavy metal and rock the sector to its knees as L800 ETC, or feed on all who oppose the Swarm as the terrifying and deadly Anub'alisk!

The StarCrossed bundle can be purchased using Gems, but move quickly! This bundle is set to warp out of the Nexus on Tuesday, August 22.

Templar Li-Ming Anub'alisk L800 E.T.C.
Onyx Templar Li-Ming Kaldir Anub'alisk Shock L800 E.T.C.
Void Templar Li-Ming Omega Anub'alisk Spectre L800 E.T.C.

If you'd prefer to snatch these items up individually, you can do so by forging them with Shards or opening them in Loot Chests.

Mad Axe Garrosh Bundle

Rev your engines and witness the new Mad Axe Garrosh bundle —shiny and chrome! This limited-time bundle contains Garrosh, our newest warrior to maraud his way into the Nexus, as well as several Mad Axe Garrosh skins and Road Boar mounts. Assemble a raiding party and watch as your enemies flee in terror before this bundle rides into the sunset on Tuesday, August 22.

Skins Mounts
Mad Axe Garrosh Road Boar
Biohazard Mad Axe Garrosh Biohazard Road Boar
Frozen Mad Axe Garrosh Frozen Road Boar

You can also pick up the Mad Axe Garrosh Skin Pack using Gems, which contains only the three Skins listed above. Like the StarCrossed items, individual Mad Axe Garrosh skins and Road Boar mounts can also be forged using Shards, or opened in Loot Chests.


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