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Overwatch news » Overwatch Digital Comic: "Train Hopper"

The world needs heroes, and some of your favorite YouTubers and celebrities will soon be taking up arms to fight for the future! Shortly after the May 24 launch of Overwatch, we’ll be holding nine special Overwatch All-Stars events across Europe that will pit two teams against each other in battles of epic proportion.

At the Oval Space in East London, UK, two teams of famous sports personalities, entertainers, and gaming content creators will clash in a match for the ages! In the true spirit of Overwatch, both teams will be made up of an exciting and diverse selection of celebrities all shooting for victory.

Overwatch stalwarts Lalna and Sjin from The Yogscast will be joined by the amazing Hollie Bennett from PlayStation Access, as well as Alan Ismail, better known as MoreConsole. Influencer favorites like the hilarious YouTuber Slogoman and the irrepressible Mantrousse will also head in to battle with the well-known Jamal Edwards MBE, founder of SBTV!

Jamal EdwardsMoreConsole

That’s just a taste of who will be facing off in this epic fight for UK supremacy, with more big reveals to come here and on social media soon.

In the Netherlands, YouTuber TheDutchTerms will take on YaraskyGaming in what’s sure to be an explosive matchup. Will TheDutchTerms finally be able to beat his ‘shooter expert’ friend, or will YaraskyGaming prove his dominance on the battlefield?

Both players have already started building their teams, with LowkoTV bolstering the ranks of TheDutchTerms. Meanwhile, YaraskyGaming has recruited content creator Nysira to his lineup. Find out who else will be joining the battle soon.

In the Nordics, there’s an all-Scandinavian battle in store to determine who the true all-stars of Northern Europe are! An epic Sweden vs. Denmark and Norway matchup featuring competitors such as Tejbz, Melika, n00bwork, Fenjima, Noel Flike, Petter Bristav, and ChrisDesign is sure to be fun, fast, and action-packed—you won’t want to miss it!

Things are sure to get rowdy as each set of teams takes their own personal beef to the battlefield as they face off on PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to watch each match online, so you can be sure to catch all the action. A limited number of people will get a chance to attend the live events—details, including dates and locations, will be announced soon.

We’ll have more information on Overwatch All-Stars for you shortly, so stay tuned!

© Portrait of Jamal Edwards by Gareth Cattermole

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