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RIFT news » Ugly Sweater Costume Contest!

Yep, it’s THAT time of the year again, when the ugliest knitted and crocheted outfits make their way out of the mothballs to assault our eyes!

This year, Madarablackgetsuga is hosting a contest on their Twitter account: – that’s where you need to go to enter your famous (or infamous) holiday garb! Note, Brasse’s Corgi sweater, pictured above, is FAR too cute to qualify for this contest.

Here are the notes from the forum announcement:

Starting TODAY and ending on the 24th of December, is the 12 days of UGLY SWEATERS Costume Contest! That’s Right! Ugly Sweaters for Christmas! Put together your costume and message me on TWITTER with a front, back, and side angle (include weapon if you have it) with the name of that toon and shard! And please only 1 costume per entry! On the 30th of December myself, KelariCuddles, and Clemmykins will be judging for 5 winners! Each of these 5 winners will receive a CREATOR COSMIC WISP MOUNT! Good Luck and Have Fun!
And AGAIN, please message my twitter with submissions.
Disclaimer: it can just be a sweater or a full costume, just realized I didn’t exactly specify, but I blame myself tor that.

Got any questions? Please post them on the forum thread here, or contact our wonderful Trion Creator @blackgetsuga12 directly on Twitter! We are SO glad that we don’t have to judge this one. Good luck, Blackgetsuga…. good luck!

(Want to learn about our Trion Creator Program? We welcome fan sites, streamers, videographers and more! )

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