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RIFT news » RIFTstream 04/27: Hosting LunamileGaming!

HOSTING LunamileGaming this week: 04/27, 11:30 AM PT (18:30 UTC) – Telaran mayhem and prizes!


This week, our RIFT Dev team is all-in on Greenscale’s Blight (now scheduled for May 9th), balance and other quality of life improvements… as well as a super secret challenge coming to both Prime and Live later in May – more on that NEXT week, when we will have the team on stream again!

Meanwhile, join us as we host LunamileGaming; this set of variety streamers runs the full gamut of online game experiences. Let’s see their take on Telaran adventure!

Friday, April 27th
11:30 AM PT (18:30 UTC) (join their channel to enter for prizes)

We will simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but again, you must be in Lunamile’s channel to enter for prize giveaways! Give them a follow while you’re there!


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