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RIFT news » RIFTstream: Hosting KelariCuddles!

Trion Creator @KelariCuddles takes on the RIFTstream once again! Tune in for her unique brand of Telaran madness.

Want to know a little more about KelariCuddles? Here’s what she has to say about herself:

~ Name is Jeka ~
~ Or Miss Cuddles if ya Nasty ~
~ German American ~
~ Mixed Medium Artist ~
~ Derptastic ~
~ MMO/ RPGs are my thing ~
~ Has Fur Babies ~
~ Is related to the boogeyman ~
~ Half treasure troll ~

You can follow her on Twitter @Kelaricuddles and check out all of her Twitch goodness here:

Are you a Trion Creator? Would you like to be hosted during one of our livestream spots when Dev is busily occupied elsewhere? Let us know @TrionCreators and we’ll put you on our call list!



Friday, May  10, 11:30 AM Pacific

Tune in directly to KerlariCuddles’ channel in order to enter for the prizes:

Or just watch on our Trion Worlds channel!
s usual, we will simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

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