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RIFT news » Prime Spoils of War

Spoils of War

Grim Remembrance recently ended and the Ascended took up arms against Alsbeth the Discordant in the River of Souls. Next up, it’s time to reap those rewards!

Heralding the prelude to one of RIFT’s most memorable expansions, Spoils of War returns in 2018. This time, it will appear on RIFT Prime.

Spoils of War

The Ascended mourned the dead in Grim Remembrance, set Telara ablaze in Summerfest, and saved the fate of all of Telara in the River of Souls. With the defeat of Alsbeth, the Ascended can take a break and enjoy their hard-fought victory. Fate seems to be with them, as caches of coin have suddenly appeared around the main cities, and shells of golden dragon eggs have begun to appear in earth and fire rifts. Is this just the Ascended’s reward? Or is there some sinister purpose behind this abundance of gold?


If you missed out on participating in the event before, here’s your second chance! Or, experience it again on RIFT Prime. Spoils of War returns on Thursday, August 16, 2018. Have something to say? Join us on the official RIFT Prime forums to discuss the event here.

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