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RIFT news » RIFTstream 09/21 – AMA Atrophinius

Everyone’s favorite Loremaster comes to the Livestream tomorrow for a full episode of ASK ME ANYTHING… as long as it’s related to Atrophinus.

What’s an AMA? You can literally ask Atrophinius anything you like. His history, Telaran lore, mead brewing, relationship and career advice… as long as it’s within the mental capacity of an enormous satyr with a booming voice, he will answer. Brasse will be on hand to deflect queries he knows naught about; those will need to wait for further development down the road!

On this stream, in addition to the regular prize draws, we will award a Fires of Maelforge Power Pack for the best on-topic question!

RIFT Livestream
11:30 AM PDT


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